Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saving many lives, by treating one!

As kids, we all have had something in common. We all had a dream. A dream which was not influenced by money, success or competition, but a product of pure interest and a wild imagination. As we grew up, our priorities changed and we chose different paths, some drawn by ourselves and some led/forced by others for us. And a handful of them stuck to their childhood dream, driven by that passion. 

Like every other kid, i had my own dreams and ideas about what i wanted to grow up to be. It fluctuated and changed from time to time, but one thing never changed. It's the fact that i never wanted to be a doctor!!! As i grew up, i have always been confused about what i want to be, but i have been very sure of what i do NOT want to be! Shocking???

 Don't misunderstand me already!!! Medical field is the most noble area one could ever enter. The job description of doctors? Well.. i think its beyond description. Trying to define a doctor's job is like trying to find God, while i'm still apprehensive about the latter. The reason I did not want to be one, is because i'm extremely sensitive to blood and faint at the slightest sight of it. Not a good quality for someone who looks into a person's wounds. I choose to function like a heart doctor in a very different way! 

Anyway, coming back to dreams. Most of us are fortunate enough to have time to make them come true. Whether we choose to make it happen or not is irrelevant here, but there are millions of unfortunate people out there who are either just sick, or hurt, or counting their last days or breathing their last. What about their dreams, their wishes??? They die along!

So my point is when the medical personnels save a life, they're not just restoring a human being, but they also end up restoring hope in these people, that it's still not over. There is still a possibility for them to live their lives to the fullest. Because at the end, it doesn't matter to people how much they earned, or how old they are. These are just numbers. What matters is how much they loved, how much they were loved and how much they truly lived! 

Just imagine a life with no hospitals, no doctors, no medicines.. death would be lurking around the corners!!! We aren't unaware of the struggle these doctors go right from the start. First, the whole seat securing process, with the huge fees, and then the burning of the midnight oil with books that get thicker everyday. And as if that wasn't enough, more studies for specialized degrees. 

And the studying doesn't end there. Doctors have a very rich learning curve. With every new case, is a new challenge, a new diagnosis, a new treatment for every person is different and so is their internal/external system. Text book knowledge isn't enough, they need to keep themselves updated with the findings as and when they are found! Just looking after your case isn't enough, more case studies to be done. And all this just so that some lives be saved, some wounds be healed, some sicknesses be cured.

There are no limits to the wishes of people. And hospitals like Apollo help keep them alive. They help them wish for more. They don't just touch the patients physically, but they touch their lives. Not just their's, but that of their whole family, that of their loved ones. When a person dies, a part dies in every person close to him/her. So when this person is saved, they are in fact saving more than one life in that operation theatre.

As my blog screams, i believe in magic and i believe that Miracles Happen. But i would say i believe in this profession more!!! Here's wishing everyone a very healthy, wealthy life. Saying my Adios with this haiku that follows - 

Few dreaded moments
Almost on the other side
Beauty of life known

This post is written for the contest hosted by Indiblogger, conducted by the Apollo Hospitals. Click on the link to know more about their cutting-edge medical care.