Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Review - Words To Inspire The Winner in YOU

Book title : Words To Inspire The Winner in YOU
Author : Dr. Roopleen
Published by : Power Publishers

We all aspire to achieve our goals and fulfil our dreams. But working towards goals is not easy. Enroute to success you will encounter hurdles, obstacles and rough patches. The down times can get really down and dishearten you.Setbacks and disappointments are an integral part of life there is no escaping them. While you cannot change your circumstances or bypass the hurdles, you can brace yourself up against the difficult times by maintaining a positive frame of mind and being determined to keep going against all odds.When the going gets tough and you are overwhelmed by the rough times, all you need is something to encourage you and keep you going. Words to inspire the winner in you will do exactly that. This collection of author’s original motivational quotes will lift up your spirits, inspire you and put you back on track.

We Indians, especially are very prone to falling prey to the herd mentality. Taking risks and following the path less traveled is tougher than it looks for us, thanks to some people who bring us down, intentionally or otherwise. But the generation today is not afraid to go against the usual norms and run that extra mile to achieve their goals and dreams.

In this direction, books like these do help to keep us going. You never know when and which quote will spring you back in action and get you back in alignment with your goal. I personally think every bit of inspiration you can get from any source is worth it and will definitely help in shaping your mindset.

Dr. Roopleen has done a beautiful job of collecting all her positive thoughts into one inspiring bundle. Some of them are pretty common which you hear often, maybe in not those very words. But then there are some quotes which i really liked and it did motivate me.  The liking of the quotes depends on person to person since everybody is in a different situation and going through different phases in life.  Hence each one will relate more to the ones that apply to them in real life.

The ones i really liked are -
  • Constant wishing won't make you successful but sustained efforts will.
  • Visualize your life through your eyes, not as others see you.
  • Motivation begins in the mind and helps you pull through the daily grind.
  • There are no real limitations. Man defines his own limitations.
  • Fear ends when faith takes over. Doubts end where determination takes over.
  • If you want to excel, you need to go beyond the ordinary.Get out of your comfort zone. Dare to jump your barriers.
I did not find the quotes by the author very catchy. None that will stick to my mind and make me quote it somewhere. But from this book people will definitely take the meaning and motivation with them once they are done with the book. These are words which you can read to be motivated when you are down but not really remember it.

Overall, a good, inspiring read and definitely something you should lay your hands on especially if you're in a rut or so that you don't fall in one!

About the Author - 

Dr. Roopleen is an eye surgeon, motivational counselor and speaker. She is the author of Principles of Success Made Easy - 14 Easy Steps to Climb the Ladder of Success.

A hard core optimist and a firm believer of the power of positive thinking, Roopleen is passionate about serving people and being able to make a difference in their lives. Her vision is to inspire people to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams and live a meaningful life.

Her ideology in life and her blood group happen to be the same: ‘B-POSITIVE!’

Price : Rs.200
Pages :160
My Rating : 3 on 5

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rising through the shades of blue.


Clipped wings urge new flight
Rising through the shades of blue 
Red storming fury

This haiku is written for the Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'FORTITUDE'.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SOMC - 14... Playing with time!

This article is originally written for the ManipalBlog under my weekly column 'Serenade of My City'. It appears here. Visit this site for wonderful articles.

What happened when my ‘real’ work in office began? The work engulfed me before i knew it and all my plans flew out of the window. That is one reason for my absence on the Serenade Of My City for a while. Apologizing for the same, i wish to make a fresh start with my serenade in a few words below -
 Moments flew, like petals against wind
Where is my Time, i looked leaning over the wall
I saw it in the distance, walking away from me
Followed it and finally caught up
It grew a pair of wings, so I learned to fly!
Spread my wings and reached the sky!
I flew throughout the horizon,
Passed a million faces looking up,
Everyone hunting for their own Time.
Nobody seemed to find it
And then when i looked beside me
There it was, grinning right back
And with a wink, flew past me..
Time was literally flying!!!
I chased it with all my might
Just when i was about to give up
I felt a tap at my side and i found Time!

We always have time with us. We do not make time and procrastinate. When we really want to do something, we always end up having time for it. However busy your schedule, the first thing you do in the morning is open Facebook. However jam packed your day be, you will always find, time to eat. Even though you know there is a lot of course to complete and very few hours to go before your exam, you’ll still manage to share a good laugh with a friend.

When we WANT to do something, we make time for it. And when we don’t really want to, we find time to find excuses instead. But time is always by your side! Every one of us has the same number of hours in a day. But the way each one of us utilizes it is different.

The people who die never know there is no tomorrow. It’s amazing how we are so sure about something that doesn’t exist while we are not sure about things we have in our hands right now. Grass is always greener on the other side is such a right statement with respect to so many aspects in life.

So let’s stop whining about it and do the things which we love. Otherwise like they say, some day when we really have no time left, we will look back and want to do all of it at once! Live your life with no regrets, like there is no tomorrow!!!

This article is originally written for the ManipalBlog under my weekly column 'Serenade of My City'. It appears here. Visit this site for wonderful articles.