Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where does YOUR ladder take you to?

       I just like writing blogs... I donno y... So am up and here again... its cloudy outside... and winding... i hav songs by Norah Jones playing on the computer... and it all just feels great!!! :-) This is the perfect atmosphere inducing pure bliss into me... I feel this setting is God's way of giving me the time and the mood to get philosophical and think about the finer aspects of life...Moments like this makes me forget evry lil bad detail of my life n makes me wanna enjoy life for what good it has given me...I feel good for have lived at all...For hav gotten the chance to be a part of this cosmic energy.

       Times like these i feel- the life in reality, what we call practicality, is nothing but a fake world...The so called REAL world is not really real at all...That's the world we have created for ourselves as a result of the competition to succeed, to make a name, trying to be one step ahead all the time, stamping and suppressing the weaker folks on their way up the ladder...But my question is once you are up this ladder of the practical corporate d very last step... then,what's next??? There's no more to go... and then its FREE FALL... back down to where it all began! And that's when you'll wonder what was the use of climbing this ladder at all... You would have achieved a great name, great fame... But once ur down, how many of them remember this... It's all temporary, not permanent!
       Permanent happiness lies in climbing the ladder of life that people ignore till its very late...But sooner or later everyone starts climbing this... Very few people reach the topmost step.. and those who reach here, unlike the other ladder, do not fall down where they started, but climb higher straight to God's abode. They attain enlightenment... for which no physical steps are needed...They understand there is no significance for name and fame... All that matters is the peace in your mind.
       Today our minds are so much in conflict...It yearns for some internal silence... for internal peace...! Trying to forget our problems by concentrating on the finer aspects of life is what helps you gain stability in this chaotic world...! Everything always has the tendancy to be chaotic... It's upto us to bring our mind, heart and soul together! I am of the opinion that the so-called REAL world has been created by US for ourselves, not GOD...The world God has created for us is not the one we see today. I believe God's world is not free from problems, but in His realm, we know how to deal with them and make them seem insignificant!
        It's true we wouldn't know happiness till we've suffered sadness, wouldn't have known right if we knew no wrong and so on... One doesn't exist without the other, but yes there exists an understanding where we experience both.. but at the same time not lose our peace of mind by accepting everything gracefully.. We need to learn to live with no breakdowns...! That's the key to true happiness is what im feeling just now... i donno how true this is... this is what i felt just now!
       Everyday new ideas come up and every one seems right...I have not yet reached the step where i can decide once and for all the right thing... But i don't think that can ever be decided...Even God has neva set a rule book of right or wrong. It is all relative to the components contributing to the situation!
      Nevertheless, as i hav said earlier, this is just one of my thought-processes at the moment. And there's no harm in sharing something which doesn't harm!!! Is there? ;-) Just wanna end this up by saying.... Just do the right thing, and expect nothing in return from others, for at the end of this journey, it's between God and you! It never is between You and other people! It never was! So i leave it here, wishing we atleast start climbing this ladder of life!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I kno ur out there...!

       Each tym i write a blog... i hav this strange happiness that there is surely someone who reads and follows my blog! Maybe anonymously... It's a secret excitement... Knowing that there is more probability of none reading this... i hate to tell myself that...! Why not tell the heart what it wants to believe when it means no harm!!! It's like writing and broadcasting my thoughts, my views out into the magical space... with no end to it... Hoping there is some soul out there to reciprocate the same... even though it's not said... it's somehow felt deep inside...!!!
      No... m not crazy...! I like to think i hav an imaginary friend of mine.. who reads and understands each line with the same intense feeling that i write it... I like to feel this unconnected connection.... I like to believe this imaginary friend can read between lines.... and also read what i hav not penned down!!! Read my mind! Too far-fetched eh??? But yet again... what's the harm??? I somehow feel bad for the people who fail to see the beauty, the magic of life... the way i see and perceive thru my eyes... i soo wish i could photograph my view of the world and present it to other folks...
       So here's wishing for a magical world....! :) jadooooooooo!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't GROW UP....!

       I am more lost in thoughts today than ever before... I just cant get myself to focus on something mind tends to wander into some world... n there is no point of coming back from there soon once i get in... thoughts run faster than i can even imagine... i have no clue where my initial thought leads to....

       I've spent a long span of time today just thinking and doing nothing else! Dinno how time passed and its night already... I have experienced a new strong desire building n growing inside me... An intense desire to do good to this world... My heart especially melts at the sight of children... Their innocence is just blinding me... And my wish is to see a day when each and every kid on this world is happy... all smiles... is this ever possible...??!! A reality check tells me this is not gonna happen.... But my dreams tell me nothing is impossible... Is it really possible for me to get smiles on every face in this world??? Is it possible for me to create a perfect world...!? I donno... But i soo wish to...!

      Reality seems too harsh to me.... Why are some people always happy and some always sad...? why cant all people on this world get an equal share of happiness and sorrow....??? Why should jealousy exist at all?
These questions are killing me inside.... Just a look at a sad lil kid initiates a sharp jolt in my heart..... Kids deserve to be happy...! I think this world will be perfect the day people dont grow up anymore... i want a world full of innocence, kindness and happiness... I really dont wish to grow up....!

       Will this miracle ever happen??? Is this going to be MY big 'MIRACLE'??? i wish it is.............

Always believe in miracles... coz... miracles happen!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miracle - Albert Einstein


There are only two ways to live your life. 

One is as though nothing is a miracle. 

The other is as though everything is a miracle.

                                                                                         -- Albert Einstein





This is so true.... very very true..... everything is the way we perceive it... miracles happen.... always.... just need to believe in it.... completely!