Monday, April 30, 2012

When you drown in your crystal clear tears.


Trapped in violet jar
Insidious thoughts bottled
Naked truth prevails

Stagnant life is death
Unbottled emotions die
Crystal clear tears

We are all sometimes trapped in the stagnant phase of life, where nothing seems to change for the better. All the hard work shows no fruit. That sends us to this state of mind where we do nothing. The negative thoughts hiding in our head kills us like slow poison. After a while, in spite of the trap being lifted up, we get so comfortable and accustomed in the little cocoon we've built for ourselves, we refuse to grow. We can see the world outside our bubble and wish to be a part of it. But it just remains a wish, we do not make efforts as little as picking a needle and bursting the bubble! We let our dreams grow old and die along with us, the slow death that they don't deserve. They deserve to be fulfilled. 

A wise person will take that step and jump out of the jar while the foolish will still sit inside it moaning over what if he was outside. No magic is going to transport you outta your lil jar, unless you put efforts and stand on your own feet and climb out. Else all you'll be left with is a jar full of your own crystal clear tears, in which you will someday drown and die!

This Haiku is written for the weekly picture prompt provided by The MAG.

Shades of human minds - A Haiku.


The criminal mind
In Search of hullabaloo
To avoid boredom

The ever active mind
Eyes open to spot more zest
Always on the go

The idle mind sinks
Into state of apathy
Sad spiritlessness

The shades of the working of different human minds is the most complex thing to study i guess. I wouldn't explain my haiku, it's pretty straight forward. An idle mind is really sad, so is the criminal one. An ever active mind is the best when used constructively. So which one is yours? 

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'ZEST'.

P.S.   This whole month has been an amazing time with all you fellow bloggers. I wish i had come across this site before April so that i could complete the whole month challenge. But i 've happily succeeded in posting a haiku everyday from the day i began which gives me a great sense of satisfaction and happiness. I would like to thank all of you for making this such a happy month full of comments,compliments,criticisms and good wishes! Hoping for more fun together... Cheers!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drowning in ennui - A Haiku.


The vista beckons
Springs up a rainbow for her
More mollycoddle

Her eyes still stare long
Endless panorama reigns
Drowning in ennui

Open inner eyes
When heart fails to see colors
Life is black and white

When sadness enters our lives, most of us refuse to see the brighter side. We choose to continue being in the dark for a long long time. There are so many people we love who try to cheer us up, pamper us, but we continue to drown in the feeling of  a tedious boredom. Life seems to come to a halt and we look at the colorful world with a black and white view. It's then time to open the inner eyes, so our heart can capture the beauty the world has in store for us and be happy again!

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt is 'ANY TOPIC' for today and so i chose 'ENNUI'.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Century of my world of words! - My 100th post :-)

My words built a new world for me,
A new passion, a new goal, a new family.
Handed me opportunities whose existence i never knew,
A century passed by and i still feel as if they were just a few! 

This is my 100th post... Boy! Am i on top of this world today. When i started of with Miracles Happen, i never thought i would make it this far. What started as a curious indulge in the blogosphere, has gone on to be a very important part of my life. You can also say i'm kinda addicted to blogging now.

This has been such an enlightening journey. Learning new things, new words, new forms of writing. Ahh! I've loved it all. I've met amazing fellow bloggers. Feels like there's a virtual family of my own hosted up here.

The best achievement in my blogging journey has been having my parents loving my writing so much that they are my most regular followers. Not only do they read, they read it over and over and they say they're proud of me. What more does a daughter need to climb up the ladder of happiness?! A day of no blogpost ends up with a call from mom asking why i haven't written one today. The eagerness with which they wait to read my new posts keeps me going. It boosts me with the energy needed to think and design a new post.

I think it's their blessings along with the love of all who support me, said or unsaid, which helps me come up with a decent post almost everyday. 

Thanks to all my readers for visiting my blog and leaving all the encouraging comments that kept me going. Thank you for all the love showered my way. Wishing for the best in your lives. Well... what more can i possibly say, Believe in miracles... coz Miracles Happen! :-)


Shower of rejuvenation - A Haiku.


Long hot shower waits
Tiresome bad day at work
Thoughts pour, not water

Worries bubble up
Unanswered questions gulped in
Subdued emotions

Water wipes tears
Clarity washes off stress

The joy of taking a long hot shower after a tiring day is the best stress-buster known i think, maybe with some soothing music playing. You enter with the load of your worries and problems, only to come out unburdened and feeling light, fresh and rejuvenated! 

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'CLARITY'.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rosy lips of temptation - A Haiku.


Insidious play
Pulls up red skirt more higher
Forcing eyes her way

Alluring gestures
Seductive eye roll, man gapes
Curves of her chassis

Another prey trapped
Rosy lips of temptation
Cashes the young night 

Physical desires have always been one of the greatest temptations i think. Hindu Mythology also quotes the 'Apsaras'(Heavenly damsels) being called upon to disrupt the meditation of the most powerful sages. Then how difficult can it be to divert the minds of most weak-minded youth! Most tend to succumb to the pleasures without giving it a thought rather than search for some meaning, some sanity in their acts, which is really sad.

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'TEMPTATION'

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The pangs of scorching summer.

The rooms feel like over-heated ovens and there’s no sleep to catch amidst the tossing and turning on the bed all night, until i throw myself on the floor, which gives me some relief. Ahhh! The unbearable pangs of heat! Getting out of home without an umbrella is like inviting sun-burns or a super-tanned skin. You must have noticed the impression of your footwear tattooed white on your feet, or that of your wrist-watch etching it’s way on your hands. You haven’t ? I certainly have! Thanks to the scorching sun.

Even a few drizzles in this scorching summer is a blessing in disguise. So carrying your umbrella around is not a bad idea, it will protect you both from the rain and the sun… and yes, the dogs too!!! 

Read more at The pangs of scorching summer!

Sweet drops from heaven
Trickling down your face, fumes rise
It pours in summer

Night waves sing berceuse - A Haiku.

Night waves sing berceuse
Bedlam in my skin wiped out
Leaving behind calm

Scored out of my psyche, no signs!
Melody prevails


There's nothing like lying by the ocean in the night, with the waves lapping your feet, the wind howling, the sound of the waves singing it's choicest songs for you. Tranquility personified, worries lost, problems hidden and bliss at it's peak!

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'MELODY'

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carpet of stars - A Haiku.


My snowman answers
Shapes self in reply to me
I ask to see my kismet

Snow melts to water
Sparkling glittering flowing
I follow it's way

Middle of nowhere
Carpet of stars shine above

We are always curious to know what fate has in store for us. Some believe in making their own destinies, and others believe in fate. But whatever it is, future is something you cannot see. You can guess, you can try, but you cannot see it. At the end of the day, when i go look at the stars shining in the beautiful night sky, i like to believe they are the ones who know it all, and they will always guide me through this journey of my life, to my kismet!

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'KISMET'. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vision of bliss - A Haiku.


Unseen bound shackles
Vision after release - bliss
Push back other side

Many a times we find our lives stagnant held by the chains we cannot see. We come with a lot of baggage from the past, not ready to lighten up. But when times are really bad, the strong visualize the blissful life they can lead by shedding their fears, loosening up and fighting for the release from their worries. And that hope helps them come back from the other side to where they belong. They push back their negativity to make way for a wise, happy, blissful life.

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012 and The MAG. The prompt for today is 'BLISS'.

P.S. Thanks to Jaideep from Philosopher's Stone for introducing the magic of 'The MAG' to me! :)

When lessons went astray - A Haiku.


 Lessons gone astray
Children look up to strangers
Bad shadowed morals

Soft brains hard moulded
Vexed parents glance the future
More wishful thinking

Vast horizon spreads
New chances flood, good or bad
Choose bliss, misery?

If time turns around
Right path back in clear sight
Learn from old mistakes

The tale of wise parents looking helplessly as their children stray from the right path coming in influence with bad company of strange people. When nagging, advising, scolding, hitting doesn't help, all they can do is sit and wish, pray to God that a miracle saves their little ones from the big bad world. If the children are wise enough to learn in time and choose good over bad, there is bliss. Both to the parents and the children. Else, it's the beginning of a misery-filled path to doom!

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'BLISS'.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spellbound, mesmerized! - A Haiku.

 Pearls match ocean white
Mermaid swims up to the rock
Waits for prince Charming

Lil' star fish whispers
'He arrives on full moon night'
Lips curve to a smile

Gazing brightest star
In love, her thirsty eyes seem
Spellbound, mesmerized!

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'MESMERIZE'.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Queen Earth's brown banquet - A Haiku.


Queen earth's foliage
Verdant once upon a time
Reigned the green carpet

Fresh, Exuberant 
Subjects bowed with lush respect
Happy Buds to flowers

Ample tiara
Still, rests stamped upon bald head
Brown banquet awaits

This Haiku is written for OSI and The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompts are 'VERDANT' and 'STILL' respectively.

Familiar face, mistaken identity - A Haiku.


Stare at calm surface 
Eerie reflection stares back
Still river? Mirror?

A tear leaves eye
Pearl drops create black ripples
Haunting memories

Familiar face
Mistaken identity
Find lost self again

Situations and circumstances in life have at times changed people beyond their own identification. Sometimes it's willing and other times you don't realize what you have turned into. There then comes a time of blankness when you retrospect, looking into the mirror, unable to recognize yourself! All the previous series of events spanning over months or years together flash before your eyes as you stare unblinkingly at your own image. You identify your face, but not the person anymore. That's when you know it's time for a fresh start, a time to find your own identity again.

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'STILL'.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My third Versatile Blogger Award! :-D

I just got awarded my third Versatile Blogger Award (with a different picture ;-) ) by sweet Harshita Srivastava from Relationship Vows(Woes). She writes about relationships, the beauty of it and also the bitterness resulting from it sometimes.

It's always a pleasure being recognized by fellow bloggers. The rules for accepting this award -


1. Thank the person who has nominated you and shout out loud.
2. Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers.

3. State 7 random facts about yourself.

4. Post the award pic on your wall.

Thanks soooo much Harshita.. You made my day! Whooooopppppiiiieeeeeeeee :D

As for the awarding and speaking about myself, as i've already done it before, i would love to link back to Wow.. Now i'm versatile too..!?

It's a happy day!


The magic that is Serendipity - A Haiku.


 Spot silver windchimes 
Shimmering water reflects
Neverland portal

Tinker bell swoops through
Sprinkles happy magic dust
I sparkle and fly

Cute little hearts blown
The fairyland awaits me

Serendipity is such a beautiful, magical concept in itself... I think it is my favorite word since i watched the Movie. A happy accident, some unexpected good luck, a lucky charm are all the best gifts a dreamer can expect from life. Wishing for some serendipity in everyone's life. Amen. 

Once in a while it's nice to escape the realities of life, close your eyes and float to the dreamland. The perfect place you wish for. Not necessarily a fairyland... that's my muse. But being in the neverland for a while, getting in touch with your dreams, your insane wishes. Sometimes it's the time spent here, far away from reality that helps converting dreams to realities. So are you ready to be sprinkled by a little magic dust yet?

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'SERENDIPITY'.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Running around in circles - A Haiku.

Ruined theater
Puppets eye renovation 
Strings always attached

Cut the old strings loose
Lost, they strive to find new ways
To restore the past

In life theater
Running around in circles 
We - the real puppets

If life is a theater, we are the puppets with invisible strings aren't we? Stringed not just to the one who plays us, but also to those with whom we love to play, to those with whom we bond, to those with whom we share our lives... and finally also, we are entangled by our own strings imprisoning ourselves at our own accord. 

We get so used to getting our strings pulled and complaining about it, if one fine day someone comes along and cuts all our old strings, is it freedom? No.. the unknown territory scares us. We yearn to restore things the way they were. Familiarity is what we seek. We prefer to run around in circles, rather than choosing the path that leads us out of it.

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'RENOVATION'.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heal for your honey - A Haiku.

Not sting, not attack
Buzz is what it's all about
Work for the honey


Pain by the loved stings
But move on, if not for you
Heal for your honey

Honeybees are the one of the most busiest creatures i've heard of. Disciplined and hard-working. They buzz all the time to work, to collect honey. They don't mean to sting or attack, do they? For when they sting, they die. So i wish we din't make them feel threatened! Anyway, from honeybees i learn not to work by stamping others on our way up. Work to achieve your goal in the right way, work to be happy. What is working if you don't enjoy it, and what is success when you can't share it with the people who helped you all the way up?

Nothing ever goes according to our plans always. God and time have their own clock running for us. So when unexpected events occur involving our loved ones, especially the ones which hurt, we are shattered. It hurts, but do we sustain that pain forever? Why? A true person who loves you would never in the world wish for something bad to happen to you, whatever the situation be. So if not for yourself, heal for the one you love. Heal for your honey.

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'HONEYBEES'.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

White wings soaring high - A Haiku.


Tossing and turning
Eyes not shut, still dreaming on
White wings soaring high 


You see white in black 
The good in bad, right in wrong
Why turn a blind eye?


Fireflies in jar
You force em in with a lid?
Glow even when trapped

They say dreams are not only what you see when you are sleeping. Real dreams are the ones which don't let you sleep. Watching dreams with open eyes, planning and then living it someday is what we call dreams coming true i think. 

As i've mentioned in one of my previous haiku, every situation seems to have two sides. You can always find something good in a bad situation, and negative in every positive one. It's all about the perspective. All about what we choose to see. So no use turning a blind eye to the less obvious.

Fireflies like real dreams strive to light up the world, not just home. Even after trapping them in a jar, they still give you light. Just like people with real dreams. They are trapped by the stereotypical, not-ready-to-change people around, but does that keep them chained to their home? No! They work, they toil, they strive, they glow at any cost. Their dreams - their driving forces.

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'WHITE'.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Live the melody of life - A Haiku.

Walk under full moon
Stars shine mysteriously
Wander and wonder

Sweet music seep ears
Live the melody of life 
Resonates with soul


This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'WONDER'.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't go, be alive - A Haiku.

Scream howled through the hall
People outside impatient 
Operation light

Red to green it goes 
Man hurries to still closed door
Expect joy or death

Nurse comes over with
Little baby boy in hands
Life into being

Still sad faces loom
Man looks beyond to wife pale
No breath, not alive

You're so precious
You're so important
Don't go, be alive!

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'BEING'.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Titanic - Hundred years since its sinking!

15th April, 1912 – The day death loomed over thousands of people as the ship sank, gradually.. taking with it the precious lives on it. Yes, today is exactly 100 years since the great Royal Mail Ship ‘TITANIC’ sunk. A day of dread for the very many who perished, the ones who survived it and the ones who lost their dear ones on it.

 Click here to read more -  The Sinking of the Titanic - Hundred years since the dreadful day.

Leave held breath and breathe again - A Haiku.

Wipe trickle of sweat
Pop that life changing question
Silent tense moments

Hear your quick heartbeats
She says - "Yes, I'll marry you!"
Sublime emotions

See dreams coming true
Leave held breath and breathe again
Hold hands together

Run around the field
Wind blowing through open hair
Feel joy, feel alive!

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'ALIVE'.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

An aura adorns that soul - A Haiku.

Disturbed heart seeks ease
Angelic drops from heaven
Cleanse wild agony

A dribble of love
With scent of happy spirit
Now, aura adorns that soul

Light shines from within
The heart, not dark anymore
Beats young with new life

When a young heart immerses itself in pain, it seems like the end of the world. But the wise know that though the stimulus of this melancholy is triggered by something/someone, the suffering is self inflicted. Pain is unavoidable because we are humans. We are born with a beating heart which feels, and pain is a feeling. But suffering? That's a choice i think. The moment you decide to stop suffering, the darkness filled in the heart is flushed out, filling it with bright light and new hopes. It beats again with a new zest for living a life. 

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'AURA'.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The beauty of warmth - A Haiku.

The warmth from the sun 
Helps some and hurts some more, yes?
Two sides, good and bad!

Warmth from a mother
Teaches some and spoils some more
Too much is too bad?

Warmth from a lover
Cheers some and pampers some more
Never enough, crave more? 

Too much of something is too bad sometimes. And sometimes no amount seems ever enough. There is almost always two sides to everything. Something of which you couldn't have enough of, might someday be something you don't wanna see/feel/hear/experience ever again. And vice versa!

This Haiku is written for The Heights of Haiku - April 2012. The prompt for today is 'WARMTH'.