Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love all my brothers! Not often said, but always meant! :-)

       It's great fun when i walk around the town with people bubbling with the festive spirit! The colorful rakhis hanging for display with excited sisters and the glittery gift shops, with not-so-happy brothers... :-P It brings me soo much joy that i melted into it even before i knew it! There was happiness in the air.... everywhere! The sweet marts, rakhi stalls, gift shops had their accounts ringing bells all day with the ever-enthusiastic, chattery customers. I love the part when i go rakhi-shopping! Jus love choosing the right rakhi for the wrists of my brothers. I usually go for the one with more of RED in it. I feel red just makes it all the more traditional and bright! Red is the festive color! A thali with red rakhis, kumkum-red again, red rice, sweets and the glow from the shining diya. Wow! Perfecto! And the best part! GIFTS! :-D It's soo much fun watching the guys scratch their head deciding on what to gift! (especially in my case cos i dont like chocolates! N so no easy way out! :-D) ... Neva knew there could be so much difficulty finding gifts for girls. OR maybe there are too many options which creates confusions! Hehe.How i wish there was Raksha Bandhan every month! :-P N then there are yet another set of guys who are NOT to be seen this day. They mysteriously go hiding not to be found all day!!! Especially not to the eyes of the gals.. n ya.. the pretty ones! Ohhh WAT.A.DAY!!!! :-D
       I don't have any own brothers by default! But it's all compensated by the wonderful brothers i have got as cousins and friends-turned-brothers. I call them my "brother-friend"S...! :-) Oh God! These brothers are one mixed bag. They make you go all crazy, make fun of you, make you run around them, make you do their work, irritate you, torture you, hit you, pinch you, fight with you and everything else under the sun! But then they love you too. Maybe unsaid, or rarely said. Unshown, or rarely shown. But always FELT! You know they are alwys there for you. You are in trouble? The moment you call them they are THERE, n the next moment they are right in front of you HERE!

There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother ...
Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too.

Love all my brothers! Not often said, but always meant! :-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm a Donkey! Hee Haw! :D

        At some time or the other we all have spent some time and wondered to ourselves about how things change as we grow up! Haven't we? I was enjoying few such moments myself and i somehow overheard someone address his friend as a 'donkey'! N dat sent my thoughts running towards an altogether different direction. All of us as kids have had a particular animal as a favourite. Mostly with the boys it was one of the wild animals. The Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Elephant... so on and so forth. Girls went mostly with the cuter ones. Dogs, cats, rabbits, cows etc. Mainly the basis of choosing was either power, speed, magnificience, beauty and other attractive qualities. But i had a favourite which til date, i haven't met a single person with my same choice! Care to guess??? It's the DONKEY! Yeah.... the 'hee-haw' one! I bet most of you (Out of the very few who read my blog :-P) let out a small laugh at this. Natural! I get that 'DONKEEEEEY???!' expression each time i ve told someone.
       But frankly i don't see a reason to laugh about it! I totally oppose the way man has been treating donkeys. Hardly do i get to hear someone use their reference for a good thing.It's always a medium for fun,jokes or as an insult.Has anyone of you ever thought about how hard-working the donkey really is? It's not really a fool as everyone thinks it to be.Donkeys are quite intelligent too.It's a playful, hard-working animal.It's always eager to learn and very very friendly. It's bond with humans can be dated very long back! They help their master with no complains and yet get to be treated as an inferior animal.Not loved too much. Once their confidence is gained,donkeys are very loyal and are companions for life. They're called the 'Beasts of Burden'.I've seen sooo many donkeys, soo heavily loaded and i see them stil trodding,still faithful,stil not-complaining! Don't you think we owe a little bit of love and appreciation towards this animal too?
       I got a lil curious and searched for some quotes on donkeys.And most with the word 'donkey' involved using them in a negative manner.I found just one quote in it's favor and found it to be Indian. N m really happy to say dat India is really one country where the old scriptures teach us to learn something good from each creature and every thing around! Every thing in this world, however inisignificant it might look, always has something significant, something good to share to this world!

“To carry his load without resting, not to be bothered by heat or cold and always be content: these three things we can learn from a donkey”.

      I feel proud to say my favourite animal is a DONKEY. Not outta sympathy or pity, but because i respect donkeys and have learnt a lesson from them.The miracle i realised today is the 'thought' of a donkey that came to me! I've learnt no creature, no thing in this world can be looked down upon. Learn to recognise and respect and value the good in everyone! So next time, someone calls you a donkey, you know what to say! Don't you? No, it's not an insult.Take it as a compliment! For starters... hey guys, I am a donkey! Say heeeee-hawwww! :D
As i always say,
Believe in miracles......because, Miracles Happen!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My 'unique' umberella disaster!

       I've been told not to bore with philosophical thoughts, and so today lemme jump into something that i am not very good at... (or am i??? :-P) humor........! :-D It's my umberella story! With rains and the never ending showers, umbrellas are a must. They're not restricted to just protecting yourself from rain or sun or snow. Everyone wants to make a style statement with it. Many a times umbrellas define the person. A pink umbrella,say with hearts all over it, would describe the girl to be 'girly' ( now what's dat supposed to mean? girls are supposed to be girly! Now, if it was a guy, then there wud b some reason to worry abt! :-P ) or yeah.... as i 've previously been called, a PINK FREAK! haha.. but as much as i wish, i haven't got one such for myself yet! A blue umbrella would probably describe the person to be calm, peace loving! Red would stand for wild, energy filled, adventurous! While black is one neutral color. Never goes outta style! Black beauty. But i wasnt goin to settle for one color describing me...So i searched all of my place for a good one, but dint really find one worth buying.. or found it too common! So with my trip to Goa, the colorful, joy-filled place.. i finally bought myself a colorful umbrella.. with yellow and red and green and blue! Now that was cool! Inspite of seeing it in every second hand over there, i was still happy to think that when i come back home, i would be the only one sporting my BRAND NEW "UNIQUE" UMBRELLA! How cool!
       But then came the day of college re-open! And from the minute i entered to the minute i left, i have never seen sooo many umbrellas of the same kind. Since then everyday, each day, i see new people but the same umbrella! C'mon... Did you al 'go goa' for umbrella shopping!!!!? :-/  Disaster! Dissappointment! And more dissappointment with the sight of one more of the same kind! (As i am writing this, there's a guy passing by holding a similar umbrella jus now! Okayyy dude! I know u have it too! humph! :-/)
       So this is my umberella story... n i frankly cant wait to buy a new one! And this time trust me it's gonna be UNIQUE. Truly! :-D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

True friends! xoxo

       "Here i am, this is me, there's nowhere else on earth i'd rather be!"..... beautiful lyrics dedicated to the beautiful moments i spent today. :-) Life is truly unpredictable. You never know when heads turn into tails or vice versa. Had a gloomy start with a cheerful end. "The realisation of being able to count on the people you trust the most is magical. The feeling that there is someone always thinking about you, always praying for you, always caring, always loving is a miracle in itself. This is the miracle i realised today- A TRUE FRIEND" Choose your close ones wisely. Initially maybe follow your instincts, and once you are thick, follow your heart. I ve seen loadsa people follow their heart, choose wrongly, and then start thinking about what mistakes they made landing them there.So i feel choose wisely, and then never let go! Sometimes the general assumption might not always lead you to a happy world. Follow your heart then, and give your mind a wee bit of rest. Excessive thinking can be dangerous!
       Make friends for life.You realise their value in life in the best and the worst of the situations. Friends are those who make you feel pathetic when you are too happy ;-).... and make you feel on top of the world when you are sad. haha.. They show you the way when you are in a dilemma. They find "YOU" for you when you are lost. They know exactly what you are all about. They dont lie, they are not fake. They speak their mind out, right or wrong. One true friend is better than having a dozen unworthy anyday! Love all my friends. My life wouldnt be half as colorful as it is today if not for them. True friends are very difficult to find. Hard to leave, impossible to forget. Make friends! If not many; then just a few... it's now really upto you! :)

Believe in miracles......... because, Miracles Happen!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Miraculous RAIN...!

       Second day blogging... (not) so far so good...!  ;) Have you ever observed how frequently thoughts in our mind come and go? It's such a rapid change. One moment you are thinking something, and the next you might be thinking something entirely unrelated. I observed that my thoughts oscillate more in the past and the future and are hardly in the present. Repents of the past, and dread of the future fills you with negativity. While happy incidents of the past, and sweet dreams of the future fills you with great positivity. Both of these decide our state of mind which are being based on something that has happened, or could have happened, or will happen, or might happen! How unsure! What about the present? Present is something we can be sure about! N how much efforts do we put to keep our present moment happy? We hardly live IN the moment.
       That which has happened cannot be changed and that which is going to happen, we need to wait for it. We cannot live TOMORROW today! So why not live TODAY today??? :)
       "The miracle i got today came in the form of RAIN!" As i drenched completely in rain... instead of cursing the weather or the clouds.. i realized as water cleanses the dirt from my body, i want positivity to cleanse negativity from my mind! I let myself imagine that each drop of rain falling over me was a drop of positivity and as it flowed through my hair, i let myself feel free from all my botherations.
       Believe in miracles....... because, Miracles Happen!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The miracles begin..... ;)

       This is my first try at blogging... N this is inspired from the movie JULIE AND JULIA... it inspired me not to cook... but to blog... i hav no clue if anyone wil follow me here or not... but i would surely want to try it out! In the movie the lady writes about what she cooks each day... This set me thinkin as to what i could possibly blog about! N i got a brainwave... ;)
       I believe in miracles... N i feel miracles are not something that happen to special people... Miracles happen to everyone. Its jus that most fail to notice it. Miracles need not be something extraordinary or something magical! Miracles are not something that happen once in a lifetime.I believe miracles happen everyday...! We just need to open ourselves to it. M gonna try posting one miracle that happens in my life each day...(or maybe more than one :P)... Let me see how many miracles can actually happen if i make efforts noticing it!

Believe in miracles.... because, Miracles Happen! :)