Monday, May 28, 2012

Window to the other side.


Enclosed with secrets
Bricks of trust form foundation
Unbreakable bonds

Shadows follow light
Window to the other side
Destined horizon

Life is a mystery
Yet clue lies around corner
Believe, future, joy!

This haiku is written for the picture prompt provided by The MAG and for Haiku Heights, the prompt being 'JOY'.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Do and think not.. Think, then do!

 Moments of past joy
Hovers over present gloom
Nostalgia seeps

Bundle of sweetness
Precious memories bring smiles
Beautiful bubble 

Love for past
Present mistakes haunt
No closure

Do and think
Repent regrets, so,
Think, then do!

This Haiku is written for the Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'JOY'.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jiggling to the animal beats they live!


Grown up clowns 
Jiggle to animal beats
Cracking up

Red white paint
Cover real emotions
Spread laughter

Behind story 
Unknown to the world
Concealed life

Look around and you'll find hundreds of stories supporting the fact that most people are never the way they seem. The happiest people might be hiding the biggest troubles and the saddest people might not really have a reason to be sad! You never know. Take the clowns of a circus for example. Their life is all about spreading smiles and cheer. Their job doesn't let them show a sad face in a happy act, does it?! 

This haiku is written for the picture prompt provided by the MAG.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stolen thunders of the storm.


Cloudy judgement passed 
Another heart and mind read 
Thunders were stolen

Differ black from white
Truth trapped in the web of lies
Pining clarity

It's plain and simple
Explained with just two colors 
Yet intricacy


This haiku is written for the Haiku Heights and the OSI. The prompts for this week are 'PINE' and 'BLACK AND WHITE' respectively.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Haven of solitude amongst rising thoughts.

Grandpa clock ticking
Pendulum shadow hovers
My face, a blank screen

Every blink of eye
Seeks haven of solitude 
Amongst rising thoughts

Eternal struggle
Wishing to let life for rent
Heart pines for closure

I have refrained myself from explaining my haiku this time. It's open for interpretation. Leave back your opinion in my comments. I would love to know what idea reached you... whether it's in the same frequency as i wrote. Maybe i'll find another meaning to the same words. Looking forward to the response.

This Haiku is written for the Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'PINE'.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How about not living in the past anymore?

After an exhausting day and a long shower, he goes to his rocking chair with a cup of tea, overlooking the vast valley with flickering lights. It's just after sunset, and he can feel the silhouettes craving for attention. The birds are chirping as they're making their way back to their nests. He wonders whether they feel the same way he does when he's heading back home after work! For who wouldn't want to fly forever, but do they too? 

His cell beeps and reads an emo forward from an old friend. Nostalgia creeps in.......

Read this whole post by clicking here -
 How about not living in the past anymore?


Why not just let past be a memory to cherish and let it be something to feel nostalgic about? How about not live there anymore?

Monday, May 14, 2012

When the crimson bond is on stake.


When brought together 
Tastes vary wildly with tongue
Flavors of wide world

Friendship bowl awaits
Belief grows, sacred trust forms
Benefit of doubt

When hard time comes down 
Testing the strong crimson bond
You choose knife or bowl?

Friendship is a risk you take by giving the other person a benefit of doubt. You get to know them better and gradually a bond forms, based on trust and belief. It doesn't matter which race you belong, what color you are or what tastes you have in life. The basis of the bond goes way too deeper than this. It's a crimson one.. the color close to blood.. to heart! What matters is the understanding you have for each other and to what extent you will be ready to stand for something so close to your heart. Difficult times challenge you, and test you. Will you get through it together choosing the bowl of friendship or will you choose the knife to break the bond and escape the fire leaving your friend behind?

This Haiku is written for The MAG and OSI. The picture prompt is provided by The MAG and the prompt for the week by OSI is 'CRIMSON'.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Devotion of Suspect X - A book review.

Book title : The Devotion of Suspect X.
Author : Keigo Higashino
Translated by : Alexander O. Smith with Elye J. Alexander.

Nothing quite makes sense, and it will take a genius to understand the genius behind this particular crime. One of the biggest-selling Japanese thrillers ever, and the inspiration for a cult film, The Devotion of Suspect X is now being discovered across the world. Its blend of a page-turning story, evocative Tokyo setting and utterly surprising ending make it a must-read for anyone interested in international fiction. 

A beautiful woman, Yasuko, who worked as a hostess in a nightclub before was now employed at a little lunch home called Benten-tei. She led a quiet life with her daughter Misato, after her past strenuous marriages. Everything seemed perfectly normal until her ex-husband Togashi comes looking for her to patch up things with the only motive of having her for the money she made. When she refuses to get back, he threatens her involving his step-daughter Misato, which somehow leads to his death, whose blood is now on the hands of Yasuko and little Misato.

Out of nowhere, Ishigami, a very quiet mathematician who lives next door comes knocking to find out if something's wrong. They get rid of him saying it's nothing, but soon they receive a phone call from him to inform them of his willingness to dispose the body. Yasuko is flabbergasted as to how he found out. So thus begins the whole story revolving around the three, and also the main detective Kusanagi, his assistant Kishitani and Yukawa, the Physics Professor who was also a college friend of Ishigami. The puzzle of the whole mystery is a total hit with a totally unimaginable mind-boggling ending.

The story is totally gripping from beginning to the end. And so cleverly plotted. It makes you wonder how normal people follow the herd mentality and the importance of thinking out-of-the-box. I could not find absolutely any loop holes in the story and was an extremely juicy read. You won't keep the book down until the last page. A definite page-turner, keeps you awake all night wondering what might happen next. The characters are well described making you feel as though you're actually a part of the scene and invisibly watching everything going on.

Also, the beautiful aspects of this novel are the way the beauty of science, the mutual respect among fellow geniuses, the spirit of competition has been expressed. The love a man can possess for a person. The flavor of love expressed here is one of a kind. The way the love is given, the way it is received, the way it is shared is really commendable. The struggle of a single mother, the affection and support of the people in her lives is brilliantly expressed. I personally would suggest everyone to lay their hands on this book as soon as possible.

Cost : Rs.199
Pages : 374
My rating : 4 on 5

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books! 

Live once and for all.

  Why hide a sad face,
With a happy cheerful mask?
Be really happy!

Why fake a false smile,
When you can roar a loud laugh?
Why be sad at all?

Why die thousand times 
Weeping, feeling low inside?
Live once and for all!

We are always masking our original feelings by fake ones to show. Why not make the good mask our real face and discard all the bad masks once and for all ? Why not forever be happy and live life for all we know! Cheers to happiness!
This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'MASK'.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Truth likes to travel bare feet.

Truth travels bare feet
People disguise it with lies
Yes, for tricks and treats

Basking in glory
How far before it's unmasked?
Verity prevails

Too little too late 
Life and it's ways of teaching
Cognizant of heart

Truth is one constant in life that never changes. Truth is simple. People complicate it by dressing it up in a variety of layers of lies. But how far can truth travel in the heat of the burden before it starts shedding it's layers to be bare and naked again. Then, the heat of the wrath caused is much more than ever. Strange are the ways of life sometimes. When you wrong, everything goes right... and finally when you decide and do the right thing, everything tumbles down! It's a hard life with truth by your side.. but don't let go. 

This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'MASK'.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flora flaunts felicity.


Blue water leads way
Over unpolished pebbles
To Prosperity

Branch pokes them ahead
Flora flaunts felicity 
Birds hum welcome songs

I like to believe the unseen world around the corner holds new opportunities for success and more reasons to be happy. When we make our way to a new place, a new phase of life with positive attitude and a smile on our face, everything in front of us seems to welcome us and everything we leave behind seems to give a push to do better than ever. A prosperous, verdant future awaits!

This Haiku is written for the picture prompt provided by The MAG.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My second Liebster Blog Award! :)

Yaiyyy... This morning i woke up to a comment left by Diana Teneva leading me to a surprise of this beautiful Liebster Award! M soo soo happy coz this is my second one. I came across Diana's beautiful blog DianART/Diana Teneva's blog through the April Haiku Challenge in Haiku Heights. She writes amazing, thought provoking Haiku which has moved me a lot of times.I wish her the best for her future endeavours.

Since i 've already followed the rules of receiving this award before, i'll happily link that post here --->      

Thank you Diana, you made my day! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

When empty eyes don't blink.


Beer bottle in hands
Naked body against the wall
Wasted, losing self

Violent wind blows
Jet black hair covers fair face
Empty eyes don't blink

Tears make way slowly
Haunting negativity
Life seems a burden

Face down on hard bed
Pillow soaks with flood of ire
Ghastly hour of doom

This Haiku is written for OSI and Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'DEPRESSION' and 'HOUR' respectively.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The happy hours countdown begins!


 Happy hours countdown
Not many days left,  time rolls
Damn this dreaded month

Goodbyes will be told
Tears will be controlled, can i?
Words won't be spoken

Separation stings
Each goes own way, distinct paths 
Memories will haunt

Those smiles in their eyes
Laughter of past surfaces
Tears of joy and gloom

As my moist eyes close 
'I don't wish to see that day' -
Heart whispers to me 

This month marks an end to my college life. The four beautiful years passed by and i dreaded the day i changed my calendar page to May 2012. I have finally entered the month i never wanted to enter. I wished for it to delay. I pray now that the days get longer, hours be added, seconds be infinite and moments be relived. But seems like the days are passing faster than ever. Before i know, i will be packing my bags and picking more memories. Things will never ever be the same. I will miss my friends and all the bittersweet symphonies we created and experienced together. Emotions choke me as i write. I'm left with no more words....

This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'HOUR'.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The last lecture - Talks about living by a dying man.

Death is a horrible thing when it comes upon a loved one. The person dying is usually a bunch of gloom thinking of what he/she would miss. But this dying man thought about what others would miss in life when he died. Randy Pausch, a professor in the Carnegie Mellon University was suffering through pancreatic cancer, one of the most fatal cancers while he prepared and presented his literal ‘THE LAST LECTURE‘.

Read the rest of this guest post by me at The Last Lecture - Talk about living by a dying man.

But one watch does quite much to inspire and set you thinking about how you should live your life. It makes us realize how important it is to live the life we have, for us, as well as for the people who make it worth living!

As the book says, i leave you with this question to ponder upon, “If you only had a short time to live, what would you do?”

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Behind that elusive mask!


 With bright twinkling eyes
His impish grin fascinates 
Sweet manners ooze out

Charmer of people
Favorited by good and bad
Basks in his glory

Goes back home silent
Possessing elusive traits
Takes off happy mask

It's never easy or right to judge people by their appearances. A happy face might have a huge deal of misery masked cleverly. There are loads of people who believe in spreading only smiles and joy, keeping their problems and sorrow to themselves. Understanding these special ones is a Herculean task, succeeding which opens a gate to that undisclosed territory where trespassing is not allowed!

This Haiku is written for OSI. The prompt for this week is 'ELUSIVE'.