Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The man in the mirror...!

       For some reason today i feel, if i followed half the things i truly feel, with complete faith and perseverance i'll make a great human being! There's so much of a difference between saying, feeling and doing. What's the whole point of saying something you don't feel??? Once you realize that, what's the whole point in feeling something you don't put into actions??? I realized there is soooo much of a difference in 'knowing' what is right and 'doing' the right thing! There are many people who live an ignorant life, not able to understand the right thing in life. Then there are those who know what is right, but spend time only knowing more but not really implementing each of them! The REAL heroes are those who diligently practice what they preach!
       I just came across this song by Michael Jackson, 'Man in the mirror'. The lyrics of this song refreshed my desire to do right!

I'm starting with the Man in the mirror,
I'm asking Him to change His ways,
And no message could have been any clearer-
"If you wanna make the World a better place,
 Take a look at yourself, and then make a Change!"

       I've always believed no one is perfect. Being in the constant process of changing yourself is what leads you to near-perfection! As we've heard CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. On similar grounds, if you want to change the world, then first take a look at yourself and make the change. Who can be a better first volunteer than yourself...!
       This world when looked through magical eyes, is such a wonderful place to live in. We are so lucky just to be born as humans and not just any unicellular creature. Why not live a life with that happy quotient. Things change, circumstances change, but don't let that change what you really feel deep down inside. Everytime i muse, i go look at the mirror. The person looking back there is the only one who knows you inside out. That is one person who won't lie to you, who doesn't think twice telling something on your face. But most of us try pretending we can't hear the inner voice which is always guiding us to do right. Why not give some time to the real YOU...!?
        So go on....! Look into that mirror, use those beautiful eyes to look into the inner YOU, shut those ears for the outside world for a moment, and listen to the soothing inner voice calling you....! Musing over this note i sign off, saying what i always say..... "Miracles Happen!" :)