Friday, August 24, 2012

Finding epitome of life.


Gazing faraway
Deep into the unseen fog

Peering into space
Find epitome of life
Aliens wave back

Sometimes, we find the meaning of our existence amongst beings, not our own!!!

This Haiku is written for the Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'ALIEN'.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why do Indians always ‘almost’ win ???

We Indians boast of being knowledgeable and good in almost all the fields that can possibly exist under the sun. And it’s true. Still, why do we always end up ‘almost’ winning? It’s very common for us to find the following headlines in the newspapers -

Mr.ABC almost won the gold. 
Miss.XYZ almost won the pageant.
Mrs.LMN missed the spot very closely.

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Why do Indians always 'almost' win ???

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Black heart shudders from white death!


Fade into gauche naught
Eerie chill freezes his soul
Creepy emptiness 

Lopsided luck kills
Black heart shudders from white death
Engulfing silence

It's funny how darkness can engulf you so much, to such an extent sometimes... that you can get scared of the first ray of light!!!

This haiku is written for the picture prompt provided by the MAG and the OSI with the prompt 'LOPSIDED'.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peekaboo with the moon!


Hide behind shadows
Peekaboo with round ripples
Moon's lopsided smile

Slipping clouds reveal
Suppressed laughter echoes loud
Greenery seeks turn

This Haiku is written for the Haiku Heights and the OSI. The prompts for this week are 'GREEN' and 'LOPSIDED' respectively.

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Green memories come alive!

Stumbling through thicket
Falling, learning to move on
Green memories live
Fantasy enriched
Lush copse tickle naked feet
Woolgathering kids

The picture above shows my Grandmother's backyard to which a lot of childhood memories are attached. A place where i stumbled, fell and learned the early lessons of life in hindsight. It was a little fairyland for me, being where i created my own world, seeded my dreams which live till date!

Today happens to be the sixth death anniversary of my Grandma. This post hence, is very dear and nostalgic to me!

This post is written for Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'GREEN'.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Liebstered much!!!

I was already so very happy and proud to flaunt my two Liebster Awards, the joy of which was recently tripled when three of my blogger friends showered them on me over again! I now have a haul of five Liebster Awards. And the fact that Liebster means 'beloved' makes me happy all the more. To be loved and recognized for writing by fellow bloggers has a sweet note to it.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to these people -

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My first Liebster Blog Award :)

Thanks a lot for all the love spilled my way. Wishing you the best in your blogging career and otherwise. Cheers! :)

Marriage without a possibility for Love is just a Wedding!

Marriage has been defined and redefined for ages now. The definitions vary from culture to culture and generation to generation. For some it's the bond of two hearts, while for others it's just a contract on paper. While most of us believe a marriage should always be the coming-together of two hearts, in the present Indian society there is a never ending debate as to 'how' they should come together. There are people who believe in the age old Indian tradition of an arranged marriage - in which the family arranges for you to meet an eligible spouse, while there is a whole other lot who find it totally absurd and believe in being able to find the love of their life on their own.

I feel both have their own pros and cons. Today with the society evolving, arranged marriages do not happen the way they used to in olden days where the bride or the groom had no say. Today arranged marriages can be considered a boon to those who do not fall in love. In our generation, with a lot of single kids, marriage is like finding a lifelong companion that you never had. It's not necessary that every arranged marriage should and must work. However, neither do love marriages come with a 100% guaranty tag. 

Being a believer in astrology, i do agree when two people are brought together astrologically, there are strong chances of lifelong compatibility and a possibility of eternal love. But faulty astrologers and people involved in presenting wrong horoscopes can lead to a lot of conflicting marriages, not necessarily because of the compatibility, but because of the trust issues that rise when the truth is out in the open! Where as in a love marriage, a lot of time is spent together before marriage resulting in knowing the other person quite well before choosing to marry him/her. It's like having a little trailer of what the rest of your life together is going to be like. But if it's not meant to be, anything can come out of it in future.

Love is always an integral part of a successful marriage. The question is how it chooses to come in your life. Before or after marriage! It's possible you fall in love with your husband and it's also possible you fall out of love with your lover. Similarly you might never feel a hint of love for your husband and you might live forever in love with your lover. But who is to tell what your future is going to be like! If it was so predictable no one would ever have a difference of opinion now, would they?

As they say, marriages are made in heaven... but weddings are made here, on earth.. by us! What we need is a good marriage, not a wedding. Today people don't seem to know the difference between a marriage and a wedding. The one fault in many arranged marriages is that each family looks into the other's background making sure they are affluent in every area, not putting high priority on how the person is. A good person having a poorer background, not able to afford a splendid wedding is considered ineligible. Why do we forget marriage is a bond of two hearts... better the person, stronger the marriage. Love marriages don't leave scope for a background check, because as they say Love can be blind.. which can also turn out to be a problem in future, thanks to the whole bunch of frauds out there on tiptoes to dupe for money in the name of love!

The best marriages i think are those in which we have the liberty to decide our right partner, be it love or arranged. A forced wedding can never be a good marriage, regrets are sure to accompany. If we're unable to find our own partners, there is nothing wrong in letting our families try and help us. But there should always be a choice, not a compulsion. It's also wrong on the part of some families to strictly not allow their kids to find their own life-partners. Why forget that it is the life of their kid after all. A life they have to live together, a decision that is going to matter throughout their life. It isn't a child's play. Family has every right to 'advise', but not 'decide' for a grown up. The ultimate decision has to be left to the individual. After all it's a decision that's gonna shape the majority of one's life.

Lot of folks do not approve inter-caste, inter-religion, inter-nation marriages. But why? We forget that we are all human beings first with beating hearts. Our languages, cultures might be different, but we are all made of the same blood and flesh. We all feel similarly. And love is something you cannot force, it just happens. If two humans fall in love, how does it even matter which culture they belong to. In fact studies have revealed that children born out of an inter-caste, an inter-religion or an inter-nation wedlock, proved to have a broader outlook as they grew up and were found to be more active in spreading social awareness, in turn being a boon to the society. This is the advantage of being exposed to a wider culture.

Having said that, I'm looking forward to this show -  Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage being aired on Sony TV. It would surely be great fun to watch the ultimate debate on this show and hopefully get some valuable insights. So if you ask me what is my funda about marriage!?! I'll say....

Well, what i believe is every marriage MUST be a 'love'(ing) marriage. Whether it's 'arranged' by you or your family doesn't matter. In India, people believe marriage is not just a bond of two individuals but of two families. Who's to deny the culture. Go ahead, find someone for yourself, but try and strive to make your families comfortable with each other. If you can go through so many difficulties to get your folks to agree to your alliance, why not struggle a little more for your families and work that out too?! And if you haven't found someone for yourself, not fallen in love or feel you'd be happier with someone your family finds for you.. Well.. make sure you put your best foot forward to bring mutual Love and Respect into the relationship, because without that even a perfect arranged marriage can fall into ruins!

So use your brains, use your gut instincts and go for it. Do not let anyone force you into one. A marriage without the possibility of love is just a wedding! Life is too short to live alone. So, make peace within yourself and settle for nothing but the best. By best, i mean what is best for you!!! Moreover, as i always say, Miracles Happen!

Wishing and hoping for a happy cheerful world with equally happy families. Cheers to Love!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bathing under the twilight!



Hands covered with ash
Thorn of the beloved stings
Aching soul departs
Tired wilted rose
Bathing under the twilight
Blooms on her tresses

This Haiku is written for the OSI and the Haiku Heights. The prompts are 'BATHING' and 'SOUL' respectively.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Soul prefers poor pure note!

Body to riches
Soul prefers poor pure note
Enlightened music
Blinding light knocks on
Resisting mind shields no more
Chasing out darkness

We always consider our body to be our identity and worry so much on how we look, carry ourselves. We want good clothes, decorative chic accessories. That's fine until we realize what really needs beautification is our soul which is our real identity. Our body is just a carrier for our soul which will one day weaken and give up. What will live on is our soul. What a soul needs is a pure carrier, not a decorative one. There is nothing wrong in wanting to look good. But i think that should be secondary. First strive to have a pure mind, push out the darkness and let the light fill in! Don't resist the good.

This Haiku is written for the Haiku Heights. The prompt for the week is 'SOUL'.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Journey from Darkness towards Light with Krishna!

Krishna Janmashtami is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. Lord Krishna has always been a God who is associated with innumerable characteristics. He’s seen as this little mischievous kid, as a teenager with charms that captured the hearts of every Gopi, as a profound teacher to the mighty Arjuna, and as the Supreme Ultimate power. It’s like a perfect combination of qualities one can expect and what all of us wish to possess.

I have no expertise over the vast scriptures available about Lord Krishna, but this Janmashtami has set me wondering about how and why these mythological stories were ever created with so much perfection and meaning.

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The Journey from Darkness towards Light with Krishna!


 Wishing for a journey towards light from darkness this day, I wish everyone a very Happy Krishna Janmashtami! 

Jai Sri Krishna.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Behold! My stars shine!


Lucky charms tonight
Sparkle away blue shimmers
Behold! My stars shine.

Times when nothing comforts, no talks, no hugs, no words... look out to the stars. They're always there... Shining ever so tirelessly. As you gaze, who knows, they might just align themselves for you. Change your luck?

This Haiku is written for the Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'STARS'.