Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Serenade of My City - 2 ... When serenade turned into noise!

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Well, the serenade of my city right now is more of a noise, than a melody. And i mean it literally. The city of Pune, though a very nice place to stay in, is filled with more vehicles than people. The traffic is horrendous. The sawaari-autos wheel around like heroes on the wrong side of the road and people pounce on them like bees to their hive, only worse!!! I hear that Pune holds a record for the highest number of two-wheelers in the world! So, with a traffic like this, you can only imagine the city's contribution to pollution.Sigh!

I've seen a lot of people here, especially girls cover their faces with scarves. Only a pair of beautiful eyes peering out! I first wondered the reason behind this, because no way was Pune a conservative place. I did not have to ask anyone the reason behind this. All i needed to do was take an auto from home to office and the thick layer of dust over my face and hair, had the answer etched all over it for me! And i'm not kidding or exaggerating when i say a THICK layer of dust!

Anyway, the point i'm trying to make is, when you shift to a new place, a lot of things change. You may or may not find a suitable accommodation in the area of your choice. One has to be ready for a lot of compromises. A nice home at a longer distance, or a not-so-good place to live, but at a walking distance. And if you get lucky, maybe you'll find the perfect combo! But brooding over discomfort is avoidable if we prepare ourselves for what is in store for us. And that's why i'm here to help you not fuss over issues that i did, 'cos at the end of the day(a month in my case) you will adjust. So save yourself the negativity and get on with it!

We're so used to getting what we want all the time that we find ourselves in unimaginable situations. But you'll be pleasantly surprised as to how capable we humans are to adapt to our surroundings. The more prepared we are for the inevitable, the more faster and easier is the transition! Strangers become friends, Greek becomes Marathi and hell becomes.... Well, no... even i'm not that optimistic! ;)

My question to you as i sign off for this week is how ready are we to welcome change in our lives? Why do we like to confine ourselves to the boundaries set by others, and sometimes unfortunately, by ourselves! Why do we like to underestimate our abilities? How are we so comfortable living a life that is not lived to the fullest?

Crashed into you by Chris Daughtry playing in my ears and somehow i'm able to relate these lyrics to my post. Maybe you can too...

Well, I was moving at the speed of sound
Head spinning, couldn't find my way around and 
Didn't know that I was going down 
Where I've been, well, it's all a blur 
What I was looking for, I'm not sure 
Too late and didn't see you coming! 

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  1. A Nicely Written Peppy Post with Food for Thought.

    1. Thanks a lot Vikram! :) Appreciate you stopping by!