Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When sad, even tears leave you!

 Crude diamonds spotted,
Polished them with all my might.
Knowing throughout, that all my toil,
Reaped by someone, but me!

The moment i owned you,
Was the moment you weren't mine anymore!
I rather see you in soft hands,
A sophisticated neck or two.

Yes i loved, yes i laughed,
Yes you believed, yes you loved me back.
But then you left, and you forgot,
But i smiled, and for you i prayed.

Heart, the owner of my eyes,
Said a different story with my tears.
Confused, whether happy or sad,
But drop by drop, they left too!

After reading this poem, if you thought this was just another sad love poem, read again... think again!

Hint - Ask yourself what is love? And don't settle for the cliche.


  1. Nice one. Lot of thoughts in it

  2. Sad love poem? Maybe. But it definitely has that tinge of being able to move on to new (and possibly better things). And one cannot hate pain when it leads to better things, which it normally does.

    Personally, I think love is the biggest cliche in existence. So in my mind, I cannot really separate the two.

    A good poem. I enjoyed reading it. :)

    1. Respect your opinions! :)

      Anything and everything has to be used for the better for a good life...

      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Pranita, This one is meaningful and emotional.