Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When you promised to always sing my favorite song.

So passionate about words,
Mine flew along with the birds.
Reached you as the first morning chirp,
And stayed till your last breakfast burp.

Trained my letters to dance to your tune,
Asked the butterflies to let me watch you bloom.
From under the shade of the orange tree,
I sent happy thoughts for you with the bee.

You promised to always sing my favorite song,
You thought it right, but you said it wrong.
But every song, that for me you have sung,
Baby, you were my Rockstar, my number one!

I closed my hazel eyes, under the vanilla sky,
Lost for words to describe the exotic cry.
My euphoria did not last long,
For when I opened my eyes, you were gone!

I set off to find you across the violet fields,
My words tagged along planting seeds.
With the realization that you were lost,
My hands on my face, my eyes moist.

Every seed gave birth to a new note,
My words hummed them for me in the old boat.
But I sailed away for this was not your tune,
No music was your music, at least not so soon.