Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Looks Like It's Quikr In Bangalore, And Everywhere Else Too!

Having relocated to Bangalore just a year back, I can very well relate to both the questions. Tired of my IT job in Pune, I jumped on a bus to Bangalore the first chance I got. With no idea whatsoever of what is in store for me, I began my journey. After reaching Bangalore, the first thing I had to do was look for a place to stay. While I crashed at my granny's place, eating sumptuous home-made food, I logged into my laptop to begin the house hunt.

As soon as I typed my keywords into Google, the first few links happened to belong to Quikr. While in Pune, I used Quikr to buy a second hand two wheeler, and then used the same platform to sell it too. With that happy initial connection with this company, I decided to continue looking for houses here.

With the cool and easy filters, it was easy to bottle down my locality options, after which choosing a place wasn't difficult. Contacting the owners was easy, and you have an option to keep the brokers off your radar, which is a big relief!!! After settling my house scenes, I needed stuff for my home. I had chosen an unfurnished house, and I urgently needed a cot, a study table, and a chair. Looked for them all on Quikr as well, and before I knew it I had a fully furnished room, and I didn't really have to shell out a fortune.

Though I haven't explored this site for more options, I'm definitely hooked on to it. From buying/selling electronic gadgets, to getting hold of good second-hand mobiles and tablets, Quikr has it all. I just found out they now have a matrimonial option as well. If you're spending so much time on this platform finding things you want, you might as well find your life partner here as well, and QUICK!

Many people shifting to Bangalore are looking for a job, trying to stand on their own feet, and make their own name in different fields. You can use Quikr to find jobs as well! Or if you're in need of hiring employees, again, this is the shiz! Another very useful aspect for a new comer- You might not know people in Bangalore, and things can get lonely sometimes. Voila! You can find pets here too!

So basically Quikr is a site that can help you settle down peacefully in a metropolitan city that's known for being heavy on the pocket. Going by my experience, I would definitely give a shout out to the new Bangaloreans that it's just Quikr in Bangalore! Use it to suit your needs, save big, and then party the weekend off! :D

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