Saturday, October 23, 2010

I kno ur out there...!

       Each tym i write a blog... i hav this strange happiness that there is surely someone who reads and follows my blog! Maybe anonymously... It's a secret excitement... Knowing that there is more probability of none reading this... i hate to tell myself that...! Why not tell the heart what it wants to believe when it means no harm!!! It's like writing and broadcasting my thoughts, my views out into the magical space... with no end to it... Hoping there is some soul out there to reciprocate the same... even though it's not said... it's somehow felt deep inside...!!!
      No... m not crazy...! I like to think i hav an imaginary friend of mine.. who reads and understands each line with the same intense feeling that i write it... I like to feel this unconnected connection.... I like to believe this imaginary friend can read between lines.... and also read what i hav not penned down!!! Read my mind! Too far-fetched eh??? But yet again... what's the harm??? I somehow feel bad for the people who fail to see the beauty, the magic of life... the way i see and perceive thru my eyes... i soo wish i could photograph my view of the world and present it to other folks...
       So here's wishing for a magical world....! :) jadooooooooo!


  1. since you cannot photograph the world the way you see it, paint it. ;)
    like your umbrella idea. similar. :D
    well, my mind is always into this part where i want to make things look the way i see them. i chose art. many forms, painting.writing.origami.

    so did you, unknowingly. you are doing very good in showing us the 'world' thru your eyes.

    and it is a wonderful, beautiful thing to possess, that there is someone out there. for whatever reason it may be.
    i like the post. (what's new in that? :P )

    1. I really appreciate your efforts of going back, rummaging into my blog..! I'm getting a flash of what i wrote long back... nice feeling... I wrote this post when i hardly had any readers! :)

      Thank you agn... (Nothing new here either eh? :P)

  2. and forgot to mention. where did you get that picture (obviously on google, don't say :D), amazing depiction.

    1. It was a perfect picture when i found it! Just what i needed :D