Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't GROW UP....!

       I am more lost in thoughts today than ever before... I just cant get myself to focus on something mind tends to wander into some world... n there is no point of coming back from there soon once i get in... thoughts run faster than i can even imagine... i have no clue where my initial thought leads to....

       I've spent a long span of time today just thinking and doing nothing else! Dinno how time passed and its night already... I have experienced a new strong desire building n growing inside me... An intense desire to do good to this world... My heart especially melts at the sight of children... Their innocence is just blinding me... And my wish is to see a day when each and every kid on this world is happy... all smiles... is this ever possible...??!! A reality check tells me this is not gonna happen.... But my dreams tell me nothing is impossible... Is it really possible for me to get smiles on every face in this world??? Is it possible for me to create a perfect world...!? I donno... But i soo wish to...!

      Reality seems too harsh to me.... Why are some people always happy and some always sad...? why cant all people on this world get an equal share of happiness and sorrow....??? Why should jealousy exist at all?
These questions are killing me inside.... Just a look at a sad lil kid initiates a sharp jolt in my heart..... Kids deserve to be happy...! I think this world will be perfect the day people dont grow up anymore... i want a world full of innocence, kindness and happiness... I really dont wish to grow up....!

       Will this miracle ever happen??? Is this going to be MY big 'MIRACLE'??? i wish it is.............

Always believe in miracles... coz... miracles happen!


  1. Which is why we always remember school days as the golden days of our life. But even though you grow up you should not let that kid inside you die alone. Hold his or her hands and eventually you will follow your bliss.

    My day started with a nice post :. Keep Posting

    1. Very true... the best company is that of kids.. always gotta keep the kid in us alive..! Child is the father of man?! :)

      Thanx a lot... Cheers!

  2. Very well written post, my friend. Happiness that is dependent on external circumstances is not true happiness. True happiness comes from seeing the truth as it is. If you see the spiritual thought leaders, you will find that they embrace a childlike joy even though they have grown as physical beings. That is the crux of happiness. Believe in your dreams. In the realm of the mystic, nothing is truly impossible.

    1. Thanx pal.. Your words, very true.. little children are always happy because they live in the moment! Even the smallest activity they engage themselves in.. may it be following an ant, or eating a fruit, they do it with full concentration, and enthusiasm and curiosity! And since they mind their own business, happiness follows i guess. :)