Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I believe in....?

Okies people... oops! I dont think anyone even reads this... anyway... long time since i came blogging.... Doesn't really make a difference to anyone but ME... Hmmm... I was wondering what is it about life that makes it sooo unpredictable.... seriously...!!! Things change within the blink of an eye!

One thing i have realised today, that is when u believe in something, believe in it completely..... Come what may... If you put all your heart and work towards something good, the result can never be bad... The universe will make sure you achieve it... Life is about being positive and believing strongly.... It's about giving without expecting in return... When we do good and expect returns, it doesn't make us happy.... Expectations are killers... Jus give and do not expect... Your karma will take care of you... All the troubles and sadness you face are the results of your own wrong-doings... All the joy and happiness you get are the result of our good selfless deeds... Only your karma decides in what proportions you get it..!

Do good and leave it to God... Most people live in the misconception that good deeds are rewarded immediately... We need to realise that if we do good, we surely get good in return, but may not be in the form we expect it to be.. Because God alone knows what is really good for us...! A change in a person is always gradual....it can never be seen overnight... We make up our mind to change, and feel the necessity to be noticed... But when we change truly, it need not be told, for it will be seen..!

I realised one more thing today.... Today we live in such a quick world.... Where results are got in less than seconds time... This has psychologically moulded our minds such that if we make up our mind to do something good in order to achieve something... we expect the results instantly... We need to realise that nature takes its own sweet time to give you when you deserve it... So never stop but go on... Never stop believing in something if you really believe in it from the bottom of your heart! Perseverance with a good intention can attain anything...!

When you love someone, love like how your mother loves you... Selfless and true....! A mother will never lie about her love to her children... She is lying only if she says she doesn't love you! Love with your doors open... Because true love is one in which you don't need walls but only doors... If it goes out of one door, it wil surely return from another...Because true love lies in your heart... And to keep someone in your heart, you need no walls...!

Believing in miracles like never before.....! I know it'l happen....!


  1. First of all, i appreciate you for blogging even when you had no visitors (as you were wondering). That tells a lot about a person, that he, in this case a 'she', means it i.e. whatever you write. :)

    now the post..

    i can only say this is true. T.R.U.E.
    why? because karma, has to have some implications somewhere, sometime in life. all we do, never goes without any outward effect. i won't say it is god, but believers are believers. but i do believe in karma.

    and the way you said "nature takes its own sweet time" would definitely put some jumpy, impatient fellows to rest. :D
    in deed, most often, one becomes very depressed he thinks "i have done good. and i see not the yield. why me?"
    he has but just started a chain of events, long ones, only after which he would gain the reward.
    you learn a lot from life, from simple things in life, i could tell that much. from very simple things, that is.

    keep up..live that way always.. :)

    1. Thank you... Blogging began as a way of venting out my thoughts... But as time passed, i wanted people to read it, to see if there are others who share my thoughts as well.. :)

  2. and yes, true love, the world needs constant reminding what it actually is. especially the teenagers. true love, aaah. it takes more than beauty of body and grace of words to be a part of true love. it takes faith, hope, trust, purity and last but not the least, 'endurance'. yes.yes.

  3. and your magic line - "miracles do happen" :)