Monday, December 12, 2011

I reckon with a Halo and a pair of Wings I would look like an Angel. A pretty one at that. ;-)

       Darkness has its own beauty, doesn't it? Here i am, sitting on my bed, with my laptop on my lap! Shayne Ward sings Breathless into my ears, goes on describing every girl's fairytale. The old 'ME' would hav been lost into that perfect Make-Believe world. But uh-uh... not anymore. I let him entertain me... but sorry i am not gonna fall for this mister... though i know i make you breathless. Cos soon the breathlessness is gonna choke you and you're gonna blame me!

                 "You just walked out of my dreams;
                   So beautiful, you're leaving me.. Breathless!"

       The only light in this room right now source from my screen that's almost blinding me, the space under the door, and the light from the creaks of the bathroom door which i must have forgotten to switch off after my hour-long shower! Oh that was refreshing, humming my favorite songs. A long shower is every bathroom singer's mania! I lean over to the switch and put it off. I am a 'Darker, the better' person as night falls. My screen seems to attract loads of insects! So I close the lid of my laptop and look over to my roomie. She's probably sound asleep. This is something different, cos usually i am always the first one to hit the sack. I look at her and i cant stop wondering how i look when i sleep! Does she look over at me too when i sleep and wonder the same thing? I have to ask her tomorrow.

        I look at that space below the door and as always, i'm tempted to block that light from creeping inside. But somethings are best left undisturbed. It freaks me when i see shadows of people walking outside when i sleep. I dont like it... That's when i turn towards the wall... staring at the comfort of the blankness that stares right back at me. Probably it sees the same blankness on my face too! Not a good thing. But it's also the only one who sees me smile when i dream of something beautiful and shed a few tears from the corners of closed eyes when the dream is sad. Deewaron ke bhi kaan hote hain? But mine has eyes. Eyes that bore into me all day... and night. It says nothing, but knows it all. Sounds familiar!

        Anyway, i just looked out of the window as my eyes searched for the radiant full moon. The one light i would never want to put off at night is the moonlight. But no, it has risen well above my vision and i am too lazy to walk to the window right now. Reminds me of the total lunar eclipse last night. Oh so beautiful..! The universe mesmerizes me with it's magical treats everytime something like this happens. I stood/sat at my window watching the beauty of it for THREE full hours with no clue of time, which left me wondering later whether that qualifies me as a Moon-watcher or a Freak!

        The mirror on my right reflects me glowing in the dark this moment which has brought a crazy thought in my head. I reckon with a Halo and a pair of Wings i would look like an Angel. A pretty one at that. ;-) LOL.... U never know... cos... Miracles happen!


  1. The last line ! Oh God. :D
    Your writing style is charming.

  2. hee hee...! Ppl wud term it as CRAZY... but CHARMING works for me!!! :P Thank u... ur a darling!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot... though i ve to admit, these aren't shot by me! ;-) The ones i click, i add my tag to it! Hehe..

  4. Hey God here...
    You shall have a halo and a pair of wings lady. :)
    because you write exceptionally well :) for that matter you are an angel without wings.

    1. Wow! That's one magical comment u've left behind for me...! Thanx so much! Very much appreciated.. :)

  5. Lovely one ! i just admire it :)
    the pursuit of happyness QUOTE :) wah
    Lovely blog..

    1. Thanx much much Deepak...! I love that quote... i guess evryone does... has a beautiful impact n the capacity to inspire ppl each tym they read it..! :)