Monday, January 9, 2012

The freaking never ending TO-DO list keeps her awake!

       The familiarity of the things back home feels so warm this winter. As i sit indoors and look around my home, nothing much has changed for the past 21+ years except the people. We are growing older.. and wiser? Err! I donno about that.. haha.. :D How often do we get a chance to mend stuff in time? A stitch in time saves nine right? What if u start stitching after the ninth... Holds good??? I truly hope so.

       I think i have stitched pretty many holes in the blanket of my life. And m making sure it doesnt tear anymore. U dont have to stitch it up if you dont let it rip at the first place right! It's such a happy feeling having control on our lives. I look back and feel stupid. But luckily my looking back days are over. Looking forward is the new 'IN' thing for me... What's done is over and what is yet to be done is my new 'TO-DO' list. Checking off items on my list is pure joy. I work now so that i get to mark DONE on my TO-DO! Cute? :P

       One of the many things i always wanted to do and never did? Cooking...! On my own... and with style! DONE! Tastes great too... I am surprised! Pleasantly...! So are Amma and Pappa... Amma is just glad to be off kitchen for a while and enjoys being served. Something she's been doing since.... Um! Forever? She deserves her little break. And Pappa? He's just the most adorable person i ve ever met all my life.. and not just cos he's my father. I remember him fight with mom and eat the Amoeba-shaped Chapatis i made as a kid, half-burnt and totally un-edible. He literally relished it. Every bit of it. Cuter?

       I watch them sound asleep at times and my eyes moisten up. They look tired now. They look old. Years of hard work, slogging, worrying, saving. All this for? Themselves? No... I wish the answer was Yes... But its not and i know it never will be. It will always be for their little princess- Me..! The princess who's not little anymore. I look at myself and i realise i've grown. I've grown old enough to assume certain responsibilties...! But have i... No.. Not yet.. Not much... But i must and that is what i intend to do now.

       Someone rightly put it to me once never to consider anyone GOD-like in life. Indian customs and traditions portray our Parents as God. Right in a way. But sometimes it's too much unknown pressure on a parent isn't it? For one, i have always had this undying confidence in Pappa that NOTHING... u name it... there's NOTHING my dad cannot handle or deal with. This assumption has kept me protected and unknowingly i ve depended on Him so much that he is handling the extra pressure... again unknowingly!

       This sleeping Lioness is wide awake now. And there is no time for sleep until my hunt is over! Heavy words? Wont sound so when i tell you i am getting a good 10 hours sleep daily! Cutest? Haha... It's getting chillier every passing moment. I sit at my desktop all covered up and cosy in my blanket(with no holes) with only my hands exposed to the cold on the keyboard. And they seem toooo reluctant to be out there longer. So i better sign off now before they decide to freeze!

      Miracles happen folks... It's happening.. like.. right NOW!


  1. V v cute putz....cuter? U rock! God bless

  2. really enjoyed reading....

  3. @jo.. Thanx much much!!! <3

    @anonymous.. I wish i knew who this is! ;) Thanx neway! :)

  4. loved it.... beautifully written...

  5. Owww.. thanx a ton! A new comment is always a happy welcome...

  6. Loved it. NKB I am really moved my dear. I felt I was sitting beside you and you are narrating me this with your animated actions. I know its been long since we sat or in other words I can say only few moments we sat and talked. I loved visiting your home during 2009! I loved giving you the present that you deserved :) Love you.. God bless!

    1. Heyyyy JJ... m so happy u loved it... :) We ll catch up soon and have a real live narration of our stories! ;) Muaaah...