Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Amanat - A guest post by GladToBeAWoman.

She has been in the headlines for quite some time now. After having created a huge mass uproar nationwide, she has been silenced by the all-powerful clutches of death. Yet, her end has unleashed a new beginning in more ways than one. Her death and the sin committed against her, that led to her death has not withered away in oblivion. It is still very fresh in the minds of every Indian, and that is how she continues to be India’s ‘Amanat’
The grave wrong that was inflicted against her has only been further worsened by certain remarks and statements by various law-makers of our country. Not only are their perspectives severely flawed, but are awfully baseless and detached from reality. Girls need to feel safe and respected, not suppressed and inhibited. Amanat’s death should act as an eye-opener to every individual in the country, and it is simply not sufficient to declare her ‘martyr’, hold candle marches and protests, or to name anti-rape laws after her. The brutality committed against her is an utter disgrace to mankind, and to uproot such a malaise that wrecks the society needs some concrete actions rather than simply glorifying the death of just another victim, or shuddering at the thought of what terrible agony she must have gone through, or cursing the 6 rapists. For, the fact remains that our society is infested with such perverted ones who are always on the prowl to satiate their lustful urges. And no, the solution is not to put restrictions on the Amanats or blame their “advancement” for such contemptible incidents. 
Amanat has only been a reminder of how girls, despite having reached the pinnacles of success, still have to suffer such atrocity at the hands of devils. She has become a symbol now; the unmitigated anger and grief that her suffering has generated has to be channelized in a proper direction, so that tougher penalties can be meted out to those that are convicted of something as heinous as sexual assault. She did not get justice while she was alive, but her death must be honoured and not forgotten as another “sensation event” crops up in our life. As it is, it was Amanat on that ill-fated night, but it could have been any one of us. We need to ensure that none of our daughters, sisters or friends is subjected to the same devastation. 
Amanat has stirred a revolution, a call for change, and we need to hold on to the cause, for it demands rectification. The resonance that has touched millions across the country, and even Indians living abroad, has to be translated into better security for women, and more stringent anti-rape laws. We cannot afford to have any more Amanats. This was a wake-up call and we’ll not let it fade away into a whimper. Her's was not a standalone or isolated case, of course, perhaps her's was the most frightful one, in many respects. We all need to a drastic reformation. Each one of us. The government, the system, the legislation, everything needs a review. The monsters lie within us, so do the seeds of change. 


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