Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When the past crawls to the present, there's soulful music!

Shadows rising from the past
Crawling under her skin
Reaching out to the golden

Uncovered in the dust
Screaming to be rescued
Stripped naked till bare feet

Piercing rays of sun
Swollen blank eyes blink 
Registering the present woe

Tiptoeing to the present
Past beckons new indulgence 
Music is for the soul

 This poem is written for the picture prompt provided by the MAG for this week.


  1. Your title? Just the beginning of a wonderful poem!

  2. nicely done Pranita....thanks so much for sharing your words

  3. You write beautifully!
    I've missed out on a lot of posts in between. :/

    I don't know if you remember but i used to have a blog under the name "Audere Agere Auferre" and we were on each other's reading list.
    I lost that blog, but i started a new one. I hope you can find some time to visit. It would be lovely if we could follow each other again. :)