Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rising through the shades of blue.


Clipped wings urge new flight
Rising through the shades of blue 
Red storming fury

This haiku is written for the Haiku Heights. The prompt for this week is 'FORTITUDE'.


  1. Powerful words.
    Nicely written. :)

  2. the fury shows. a wonderful and intense haiku. i actually envy your word play. fury itself is a very ferocious word, 'storming fury' is a clever one, shows how hard it will be tame a mind set on 'rising up again'. This haiku reminds me of the phoenix. ;)
    And I was expecting the usual set of three, plus 'the text'. :) Wonderful nevertheless.
    Beauty, Glory, Joy, Pain & Fortitude.

  3. Very imaginative interpretation of the prompt and goes perfectly with the image.

  4. ''Clipped wings urge new flight''

    stretches a perfect scene of your words.