Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fireflies complete my magical epiphany.


There have been some moments in my life, when the magnanimity of things/people around me made me feel so little. Those were the moments I forgot who I was, and rejoiced the miracle of life!


The blinding fog, the unraveling secrecy,
Who's to say I cannot read your presence.

There are sparks of my golden hope,
But by the friction of those dark stones.

I see light in your shadow,
Spot shade in that brilliance.

In those eyes, I see my poem being woven,
In that heart, I see my dreams come true.

An unspoken language you speak to me with,
Spoken communication never touched your mark.

Holding my hand and leading me,
But letting go when it's my turn. 

Letting me shine in the enchanted land,
Hiding your silver armor behind that golden tree.

Listen, someday just walk along in silence,
Let that breeze send my thoughts yonder. 

Let me discover my restlessness in your calm,
And find my solace in that roar.

Imagination completes that last missing piece,
Fireflies complete my magical epiphany.

To read my mystical travelogue about my hike to DoodhSagar falls, the experience which inspired this poem, please visit -

Doodhsagar Falls - When I fell for the fall !!!


  1. Pranita, brilliant poem! It grew intense as it went on. I'm heading here after getting my usual post update from your blog. I guess its just a coincidence that I wrote something about fireflies a few hours ago. :D Always worth the visit here! Keep writing! :)
    Here's that post.

    1. I'm writing after a writer's block of around 2 months! But here you are again, with comments that always bring a smile on my face.
      Thanks Jayanth! Heading to your post :)

  2. Hi Pranita,
    I came upon your blog by Googling the words Firefly Epiphany - I design and make jewellery and name my pieces - this latest one is called just that - I blog about my jewellery too, and was looking at what is out there with Firefly Epiphany in the title - love your poem - would you mind very much if I used it on my blog, with links, of course. An invitation then, to come and take a look at my website - and my blog
    BTW, I come from Bangalore, but live and work in the UK now. I hope to hear from you, Neena Shilvock

    1. Thank you Neena! Dropped by your site and have left my reply there.