Wednesday, July 31, 2013

RAPE - Rise Against Punishable Eccentricity

Silent fear, a part of your life,
Strength you find in keeping mum.
Leering eyes learned to be ignored,
Indignant words, pretended to be unheard.

Every step, a little death inside,
Eulogy to those moments, never given.
Wings grew, but fluttered helpless,
Trials of flight meant losing walk.

Respect taught to the respected,
Lessons to the disrespectful never preached.
Hollow words in school you heard,
Practice in reality never seen.

Crushed by wrong, right was left behind,
Picking up pace, but stamped upon.
Hurt was seen, eyes turned blind,
Bloodied hands, hidden and painted red.

You screamed a thousand times inside
The others screamed right back at you.
You looked at that brother, that friend, and thought-
Why can i not live like him?

The 'wo' of a woman was never wooed,
Force and display of strength looked easier.
Every gesture gave you a million death,
And forced life into your womb.

Star of your eye, a constant pinch,
Memories of the unfortunate never goes away.
That howl, that whip, that constant prick,
Just like another breaking of twig now.

You stopped voicing your voice,
You stopped crying those tears.
You accepted misery as fate,
You died wishing never to be born again!

(Watch this 4:43 min long video before proceeding with the post please.)

Women, especially in India, have grown up mostly with 'cultures', 'values' and 'morals'. The same which apparently do not apply to men. How can something be right for one gender, and not for another in a world where every single person is a human first and then a man or a woman?

Imagine the scenario, where women gather in gangs at the corner of your street, and mock, pass comments at guys passing by. As wrong as it is, be it a man or a woman, the society would blame the girls for being so MANLY! Do we take this action as a quality of manhood? Or should we even accept this? When the scenario is reversed, what happens? The girl comes home, getting teased on the street and is screamed at by the family for not having a dupatta covering her face. Either asked to come earlier than that, or asked to take a different route.. while the real culprits rejoice their misused freedom.

But WHY is the question! A scenario is either wrong or right. It cannot be right for someone if it's wrong for the other. With increasing harassment women face, be it in villages, towns or cities, an action is needed. An awareness is a must. We have grown in a society which has made us accept certain rules for granted, which when defied tags you to being uncharacteristic/shameless. And we have gotten used to abiding to it so much that we have forgotten that it is wrong! We have forgotten that we do not have to abide by these absolutely illogical rules and regulations. 

Here, the awareness is to be spread in men and women alike. A man has to learn to respect the sanctity of a woman. She deserves every single thing in life that he thinks he himself deserves from this life. A woman has to learn to be strong and stand up and demand for what is her's. It's always the survival of the fittest. If you are not fit, try to be. If you're trying, then go ahead and be one!

Many women are either scared because of their circumstances or the atmosphere they have been brought up in. Maybe you will not see a change in your life. But for your posterity, be willing to be the collateral damage for a greater good! Be that hook in the chain that transforms the black beads of despair to the white pearls of freedom.

Be it one little step at a time, but take it! And don't go back. God could not have given a life to anyone if he thought we did not have the strength to work it out for us. When the ball is in your court, seize the day. If not, then seize the ball..!!!

And for all the men out there who are fighting along with us, the women in your life will cherish you, respect you, bless you and love you. And to those who are still sick, ailing with the terrible unfortunate illness of being a male chauvinist nitwit that you are, We, the Women, still wish well while we say to you - "Get Well Soon!"

The video is a part of the movement we have started as a part of KnowYourStar for transforming the life of women. Dwar is not just a movement, but as the name itself suggests is The-War against all the social ailments our society is suffering from and needs immediate eradication. This virus has spread to the roots of our society and we need the cooperation of every person living, to help in destroying it.

This particular series of videos in Dwar - Winning Women is a part of our RAPE initiative.

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RAPE : Rise Against Punishable Eccentricity 

How you can contribute? Pen is mightier than a sword. So,

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