Monday, January 9, 2012

I donno where i'm going, but i like the direction!

       Just saw Katrina on a fun trip with her tele-mom in the new Titan ad...! Loved the tagline that followed which is also the title to this post. Cool eh? Kinda love the feel to it cos there's more to the meaning. Cos that's kinda the story of my life. But is it everyone's ??? I somehow never know where i'm going.. where my path will lead me to.. whether it has a dead end or its like a never ending road. But i ve come in terms with the mysterious ways of life.

       Learning to enjoy the journey rather than wait for the destination to be happy! Good enough? I find some people who seem to know exactly what they are doing and where they're going with it. So much clarity? That must be a great feeling. Would love to feel it sometime. But do they enjoy the ride as well... or are they anxiously waiting to reach their goal? I donno... perhaps, never will..! Meanwhile, i rather have my fun with the mystery My future has to offer me! :D

       Well... that said... I am totally bored right now. No cooking today since there's too much in the fridge to finish up!!! N there's never something worth WASTE-ing in my family... Mommy rules! N she's right.. A penny not wasted is a penny saved. So that leaves me with time for other things. But what 'thing' do i do in this biting cold? Have the paints and brushes bought the other day to make a name plate for dad to hang outside in the place of the plain paper print!!! Felt his name deserves a more majestic platform than that. So i guess I ll get started on that now.

       Mom's watching Modern Family on tv. I like the fact that she enjoys watching english flicks and series and not just the typical saas-bahu serials. We never have a remote fight.. ever! It's always 'Mom n Me' vs 'Daddy' :D And u can guess who wins... Mum's the word! Hehe.. As dad likes to call it... V are his Gang of girls...! Love it when he calls us that. Cos behind every fight we have, there's that unsaid happiness of being together.. be it fun or fight... Or should i call em fun-fights! As long as it brings in the satisfaction of togetherness, we dont really mind. We donno where we're going, as long as we are together, we love the direction! Modified and cooler? Fits us... Toodles...!


  1. I also prefer enjoying the journey rather than the destination :)
    Well written :)

  2. Hey.. Thanx much...! Love it wen someone shares d same thought-track. :)

  3. A very sweet post and especially the tag line 'behind every fight we have, there's that unsaid happiness' !

  4. Thanks a lot sir... I take that as a huge compliment coming from someone so experienced... :)