Friday, January 27, 2012

I 'STOP'd while you 'SNOOZE'd.... and it made all the difference!

       Mornings are beautiful... I recently realised i've been missing on so much beauty and peace by hitting the snooze button a million times. There is nothing that can beat the view at my window as i see the sun rise. It's heavenly... it's beautiful. Picture perfect... Well, that puts me into a quandary! Cos i lovvv the late nights too. Gazing out of the window into the valley with its flickering lights, in competition with the star-studded sky, accompanied by the moon some times. That's a treat too... But a late night doesn't really gel well with an early morning if not accompanied by a lazy afternoon!


       Sigh! Have been nocturnal for quite a while now, so i decided to be an early bird for a change. The splendiferous moonlight has been compromised for a resplendent sunrise. Early rising has its own perks. The only hurdle to be conquered is having the alarm to STOP instead of SNOOZE! Sounds easy (does it? ) but it takes every little ounce of your will power to convince yourself to get out of the bed. It somewhat goes like this for almost every other person i know -
  1. You hit the sack early at night, all set to wake up early in the morning.
  2. You set the alarm and zzzzzz.............
  3. You sleep like a dead person with some sweet dreams if you're lucky.
  4. Just when you reach the best part, your alarm goes nuts!
  5. You are mad at it for spoiling your dream, and also cos you dont wanna get up.
  6. You hit the snooze button.
  7. Five minutes later, your alarm goes bonkers!
  8. You hit snooze again, but this time you're not really able to sleep, but you still close your eyes for that 'five' more minutes of your beauty sleep.
  9. Another five minutes, and Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........
  10. You finally hit the stop button, but you're still debating in your head whether to wake up or go back to sleep.
  11. More debating, and finally (hopefully) say, the good part of you wins, there's another five minutes where you put into action, every little volition you have in you to take that big move of coming out of the blanket.
  12. You're still not ready to open your eyes though, and you do the 'horsie' on the bed for a while.
  13. More will power, and finally you take that one big brave step out of the bed.
  14. You give one half-opened-eye look to your bed, which is, oh, so inviting you to get inside the covers again. The blankets lie with their arms wide open reminding you of the coziness it can provide you.
  15. You use the one last rush of will power and walk to the washroom.
  16. You brush your teeth, with your eyes still closed.
  17. Then comes the most effective sleep-breaker! SPLASH! Right on your face.
  18. And you are Wide-Awake! Finally....! 8)
        And then, it's a Good morning.....! There is no looking back. I pull the curtains aside and open my netted window and look as far as i can. The street lights from the far end mark a beautiful trail. But they do not stand a chance against the rising glorious sun, which is to soon take over. I hurry and change into comfy clothes and shoes, and out i go... into the dark frosty morning, jog, jog, jog.... till i hear my heart beating in my ear. Every beat i hear, and every trickle of sweat that i feel on my skin, is a happy thought of losing those extra kilos. ;-) The break of the day keeps me going.

       I like to imagine the morning sky as God's palette. He has blue water splashed all over his canvas. He eases a drop of orange into it.. and waits till it gradually spreads... and then adds a drop of red followed by some yellow. The end product being one of the best paintings ever! And he makes one every single morning. All same, yet different, still beautiful...! In a way, it signifies the days of our lives. Same routine, different outcomes!?! It's like God teaches us that however the day passes, there is always that element which when added, has the potential to unearth beauty out of a mess! These are the times which replenish my belief that Miracles Happen.

       As i tread ahead, i see the darkness gradually make way for the light. I look up and welcome the warm rays of the sun onto my face. For i know it marks the beginning of yet another new day, with more hopes, more promises and more challenges. The whole experience is exhilarating at times. I trot on, lowering my pace slowly, finally ending it with a brisk walk. I ramble about for some more time, trying to take in as much as the sunup has to offer me before it turns harsh on my skin.

       A morning started early and fresh, always comes with a promise of an energetic, up-and-coming day! It brings out the cheerful side of you, which otherwise is lost under the cozy blankets. If anybody happens to ask me what i did differently from them, the secret behind my new found joy, beauty and confidence.., my reply would be - "I 'STOP'd while you 'SNOOZE'd.... and it made all the difference!"


  1. Brilliant,. and love the new theme too :). Cheers!

  2. Thanks JD! For once, u dint comment on just the photos! ;) Cheers to u as well! :D

  3. Gr8 shots Pranita...I'm always looking out of the windows too...the sky seems to have a different shade everyday and it would be a shame to miss that...

    1. @Rads... Gee! Thanx so much... i welcum u to my blog too! :) These r d shots outta my window! ;) n m with u wen u say u don wanna miss any o em! They're too breathtaking to resist!

  4. nice.. :-)
    I think this everyday :-)
    and awesome title and pics.. :-)

    1. Trying to go with the flow... Feels gr8 wen appreciatd! Thanx! :)

  5. I love the new theme... okay now I am reading the blog :p and will pop in back again!

    1. okay now I am back!, Loved the way you wrote them. It made me to flow with your words.. I have always seen the sunrise. It is like, earth has unveiled and showing off her beauty... In the afternoon it is like earth is standing still with such heat from the sun gracefully... the evening is like earth has won after facing the heat of the sun and in the night earth is resting in peace.. :)

    2. I clicked the picture some days back at Delta beach at sunset.. felt apt for the blog..! :) Natural beauty has never been challenged.. it ll always be a treat to our eyes!