Friday, June 29, 2012

How Dove nourished my Soul...!

The mirror stared back at me as usual, with my rough, non-shiny, tangled hair. As long as i wasn't countered by my mirror, i had the liberty to imagine myself with the best hair anybody could ever dream to possess. I could stand out on my balcony with the wind hitting my face and blowing my hair, and imagine myself to be looking like the super shiny girls from the ads on TV. Then i go in front of the mirror, and BAM!!!!! Dreams shattered... how i wish the mirror cracked instead. Sigh!

It was late and i had an early meeting to wake up to. So deciding to hit the sack, i took one last, long look at my tangled self and curled inside my cozy sheets. I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. 

There was light at the other end of the sea. Too bright for my eyes. What was happening?! Didn't i just go to sleep? Then how can the sun be rising. Or had i slept on and not realized, but then why do i still feel so much exhaustion?! Wait a minute, did i just say SEA? I'm not in my room... OMG! Am i kidnapped? By whom? My parents aren't rich. Why would someone take me.. It can't be. I wasn't tied up either! What on earth is happening...

I stood up and started exploring. I had to find my way back home. I had only walked a few steps, when a bird came flying down to me. A white Dove with a little package attached to it's legs. I carefully, lovingly untied the package and went to a nearby tree. I sat under it and began unpacking, while the dove perched itself on my shoulder ever so delicately. It seemed to be analyzing my hair. Strange! I wondered, but brought my attention back to the package. Inside, i found a bubble blower. What was i supposed to do with it. I took it in my hand and looked into it for details. But when i looked through the circle, i could see a totally different world.

A beautiful perfect world it showed me. I was taken aback. The dove kept poking me as if it wanted to say something to me. And then i turned to the bubble blower and just blowed through it. Bubbles in the shape of doves filled my sight. All colors, all shades. It was a sight to behold. The dove on my back had disappeared. I looked around, not knowing what to do, i pricked a bubble, and BAM! I got into it.. i entered the beautiful world i had just seen through the circle. And there came the dove flying back to me. Such a pretty sight it was to behold!

I walked on till i came across the calm part of the sea enclosed with rocks to an extent that there was hardly any movement there. I looked into the water to find my reflection staring back at me. I was totally taken aback at what i saw. My hair was perfectly healthy and untangled. The locks falling on my face fluttered softly singing to the music of the breeze.

I was so happy i felt i could fly. I ran along the seashore so happily with the bird flying right above my head as if it could sense my joy! As i ran with my eyes in the sky, i failed to notice the little shell lying in front of me. I stumbled over it, which brought my flying mind back to ground. The shell now open, contained a pretty white pearl. It was so beautiful and elegant. I carefully picked it up and placed the pearl on my palm. 

As if it was a sign, the dove picked up a shell lying below and brought it to my ears. I pressed my ear to it and i couldn't believe it yet again! I could hear the sound of the waves. It sounded like muffled voices, voices that made sense to me. It was no language, but it somehow made sense! 

The voice explained to me that this was just a dream.. It told me how i would wake up happily.. It told me the intention of this dream was to make me smile.. it was to make me feel beautiful.. it was to restore my self esteem.. all of which was lost just because of my inability to maintain good quality of my hair.The voice told me that there was a persistent hidden clue present throughout my dream, and that if i could spot it when i woke up, i would forever be blessed with the hair i always dreamed of, provided i took proper care of my diet, my daily habits, the information of which would be readily available if i spotted the clue.

That said, the voices stopped leaving behind just the sound of the musical waves. I looked around, the world was such a beautiful place to be with the right mental attitude. I had forgotten how easy it was to enjoy life with the worries. Lost in my thoughts, i sat down looking at the horizon, when the dove which was perched on my shoulder throughout, suddenly hopped down to my legs. It laid down some leaves. I knew what it meant. The bird was teaching me to make peace with what life has given me. I knew i can make efforts to get what i don't have, but at the end of the day, being at peace is the only way of enjoying what we have already achieved!

And then with a final look at me, the dove flew away. The sun was setting. When the last ray of light disappeared, i was wide awake! I was back to reality. I was back on my bed, i bolted out to the mirror to see my same old tangled self. But this time, i didn't frown back cos i knew what i had to do. I had figured out what the clue was the moment i was awake. The persistent clue was the DOVE. I knew exactly what my subconscious was trying to tell me. I had recently gone through the brochures of the DOVE HAIR-CARE PRODUCTS. 

The wide range of products that they have covers all kind of hair types. They had a Dove Hair - Aware App which had told me exactly what solutions were best for my hair problems. I knew i had to lay my hands on my solution as soon as possible.

And that is exactly what i did... and that was the end of my hair problems! It's amazing how a little aspect such as nourishing our hair can nourish our soul. How a little effort and a little help can make us feel beautiful both from the inside and out. As i always say Miracles do happen. So why not this?! Cheers to all the beautiful women out there! Who knows tonight the peaceful Dove might visit you in your dreams! With a Haiku, i take your leave saying Tathastu.

Longing luscious hair
Dreaming the beautiful life
Make peace with the Dove 

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