Tuesday, August 17, 2010

True friends! xoxo

       "Here i am, this is me, there's nowhere else on earth i'd rather be!"..... beautiful lyrics dedicated to the beautiful moments i spent today. :-) Life is truly unpredictable. You never know when heads turn into tails or vice versa. Had a gloomy start with a cheerful end. "The realisation of being able to count on the people you trust the most is magical. The feeling that there is someone always thinking about you, always praying for you, always caring, always loving is a miracle in itself. This is the miracle i realised today- A TRUE FRIEND" Choose your close ones wisely. Initially maybe follow your instincts, and once you are thick, follow your heart. I ve seen loadsa people follow their heart, choose wrongly, and then start thinking about what mistakes they made landing them there.So i feel choose wisely, and then never let go! Sometimes the general assumption might not always lead you to a happy world. Follow your heart then, and give your mind a wee bit of rest. Excessive thinking can be dangerous!
       Make friends for life.You realise their value in life in the best and the worst of the situations. Friends are those who make you feel pathetic when you are too happy ;-).... and make you feel on top of the world when you are sad. haha.. They show you the way when you are in a dilemma. They find "YOU" for you when you are lost. They know exactly what you are all about. They dont lie, they are not fake. They speak their mind out, right or wrong. One true friend is better than having a dozen unworthy anyday! Love all my friends. My life wouldnt be half as colorful as it is today if not for them. True friends are very difficult to find. Hard to leave, impossible to forget. Make friends! If not many; then just a few... it's now really upto you! :)

Believe in miracles......... because, Miracles Happen!


  1. Hehe... restless soul haan??? ahem! :P thank uuuu sneha 'pacchi'.........! :D

  2. and this too is a common, most frequent miracle that many people fail to see. :\ and to be at the receiving end, aah, it hurts. :-\

    1. I know what you're talkin about...! Hurt? YES SIR!