Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm a Donkey! Hee Haw! :D

        At some time or the other we all have spent some time and wondered to ourselves about how things change as we grow up! Haven't we? I was enjoying few such moments myself and i somehow overheard someone address his friend as a 'donkey'! N dat sent my thoughts running towards an altogether different direction. All of us as kids have had a particular animal as a favourite. Mostly with the boys it was one of the wild animals. The Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Elephant... so on and so forth. Girls went mostly with the cuter ones. Dogs, cats, rabbits, cows etc. Mainly the basis of choosing was either power, speed, magnificience, beauty and other attractive qualities. But i had a favourite which til date, i haven't met a single person with my same choice! Care to guess??? It's the DONKEY! Yeah.... the 'hee-haw' one! I bet most of you (Out of the very few who read my blog :-P) let out a small laugh at this. Natural! I get that 'DONKEEEEEY???!' expression each time i ve told someone.
       But frankly i don't see a reason to laugh about it! I totally oppose the way man has been treating donkeys. Hardly do i get to hear someone use their reference for a good thing.It's always a medium for fun,jokes or as an insult.Has anyone of you ever thought about how hard-working the donkey really is? It's not really a fool as everyone thinks it to be.Donkeys are quite intelligent too.It's a playful, hard-working animal.It's always eager to learn and very very friendly. It's bond with humans can be dated very long back! They help their master with no complains and yet get to be treated as an inferior animal.Not loved too much. Once their confidence is gained,donkeys are very loyal and are companions for life. They're called the 'Beasts of Burden'.I've seen sooo many donkeys, soo heavily loaded and i see them stil trodding,still faithful,stil not-complaining! Don't you think we owe a little bit of love and appreciation towards this animal too?
       I got a lil curious and searched for some quotes on donkeys.And most with the word 'donkey' involved using them in a negative manner.I found just one quote in it's favor and found it to be Indian. N m really happy to say dat India is really one country where the old scriptures teach us to learn something good from each creature and every thing around! Every thing in this world, however inisignificant it might look, always has something significant, something good to share to this world!

“To carry his load without resting, not to be bothered by heat or cold and always be content: these three things we can learn from a donkey”.

      I feel proud to say my favourite animal is a DONKEY. Not outta sympathy or pity, but because i respect donkeys and have learnt a lesson from them.The miracle i realised today is the 'thought' of a donkey that came to me! I've learnt no creature, no thing in this world can be looked down upon. Learn to recognise and respect and value the good in everyone! So next time, someone calls you a donkey, you know what to say! Don't you? No, it's not an insult.Take it as a compliment! For starters... hey guys, I am a donkey! Say heeeee-hawwww! :D
As i always say,
Believe in miracles......because, Miracles Happen!


  1. A powerful topic this. Yes, i agree, no being of nature is inferior. Actually, the way i address life and everyday conflicting issues, is that i see humans as the most inferior form of life. know why? just because we consider ourselves superior, and i hate that. actually, humans, they do these things so very often, in daily life, that they would not hear unless people like you speak out thus. i sincerely thank you, for speaking for the Donkey and inherently for such injustices.

    Even buffaloes, my heart goes for them. people insult about being so heavy.
    crows, saying "you are like a crow"

    i would, if allowed in all possible turns, give the person a black eye for such insults. actually, they are insulting the elemental nature and that seriously gets my head hot.

    1. M thrilled you got the point i was trying to prove thru this post.. I ve been made enough fun of for writing this by my frnds :P Infact it's been viewed over n over.. not bcos of its content.. but for the sake of light humor! Hehe...

      I agree with what you said.. i always tend to like the things/creatures that are most neglected/ill-treated... ppl hav no rights to classify the creation of God.. all of us wer carved out of the same hand.

  2. don't mind, usually when ever i comment they come out to be big ones. and when observes, the posts are generally themed around nature or women.. so, hope my lengthy comments won't irritate you. lol, i always have this inside my head, about what the blogger would think if i was writing so much in a 'comment'. :D

    1. Lol.. no problem at all.. there are very few ppl who actually analyze the point of view of the author.. :) Take the hesitation outta ur head as to what ppl think.. it's none of their business!