Sunday, August 15, 2010

The miracles begin..... ;)

       This is my first try at blogging... N this is inspired from the movie JULIE AND JULIA... it inspired me not to cook... but to blog... i hav no clue if anyone wil follow me here or not... but i would surely want to try it out! In the movie the lady writes about what she cooks each day... This set me thinkin as to what i could possibly blog about! N i got a brainwave... ;)
       I believe in miracles... N i feel miracles are not something that happen to special people... Miracles happen to everyone. Its jus that most fail to notice it. Miracles need not be something extraordinary or something magical! Miracles are not something that happen once in a lifetime.I believe miracles happen everyday...! We just need to open ourselves to it. M gonna try posting one miracle that happens in my life each day...(or maybe more than one :P)... Let me see how many miracles can actually happen if i make efforts noticing it!

Believe in miracles.... because, Miracles Happen! :)


  1. sunday holiday for d miracles?:P:D

  2. no no... no holiday! Me realising i cud blog could b counted as a miracle in itself! :P

  3. miracles always happen on Aug 15!!,.being "independent" is a big miracle itself,.!

  4. true...! But what about when its not 15th august.. ur still independent... but there are more miracles waiting!

  5. Miracles, one could find them spread among those beautiful fallen leaves which need a tribute. It's only that many don't care about fallen leaves. And hence, they see no miracles.

    Miracles do happens, I agree. And saying "not just to special people" is special...and true.. great start you put to your blogging life, Pranita. i navigated here to see how you started "it all" :P :)


    1. Hehe... started it with a plan of writing a blog daily with the miracle i witnessed.. but wasnt so regular after all... Aft a long break in between, i was back agn with not-daily, but quite regular posts! :)
      I dont like writing just for the sake of it. At the end of the post, you should feel the words. Until i feel that i dont post my posts!

      N yes.. Miracles Happen! :)