Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pisces - the Dreamers!

       I'm getting all astrological today. Spent hours analysing my actions as to how i really am thru my eyes as well as other! Shocking revelations when i could relate myself to every line i read in different sites. Never believed so much in sun signs as much as i am today. Zodiac signs do tell a lot about a person. I'm a Piscean and i am kinda proud of myself for the positive traits i have. But at the same time i realised that pisceans are found to be very strange by people who get to know them closely.
       Pisceans are dreamers always living in a fantasy world. They attach a magical touch to everything they perceive which others never seem to understand! Pisceans make their life beautiful, with a mystic edge to it. They are very emotional and sensitive. The symbol of Pisces is two fish going in opposite directions. This describes their state of mind. From my personal experience, its very difficult to decide on something. Too many possibilities come up and each one seems right at its place.
       They always tend to find the best in every human and don't usually hate anyone. Forgive and forget is my policy. Pisceans go with the flow usually. They tend to adjust with the people they are with. They can mingle in any group if they want to.Piscean folks love deeply and expect others to treat them with too much of care and love. They like to feel protected. Pisceans love unconditionally. They are too emotional and tend to cling to their closed ones which sometimes causes the closed ones longing for space. Water being the key element of the people under the Pisces sign, they can be compared to the moecules of water. Always together unless forced apart.
       Pisceans are always lost in thoughts and hate waking up from their dreams. When woken up to reality, they find themselves as a fish out of water. They prefer believing fantasy to be true and so they make great artists. These people are often spiritual thinkers and always find solace in philosophy. Pisceans love caring for others completely and expect the same in return. They always give readily expecting some of it return. They think from their heart more often than with their mind which results in other folks considering them to be impractical! And to an extent this is true. They are usually the ones who sacrifice with pleasure , without thinking twice!
       But the excessive emotional sensitive character of the pisces usually kills the joy among people around them who are not used to this overflowing mixture of care, love and emotions! They usually get depressed for the actions which go even a little different from the scenario they viewed in their imaginations. Pisceans themselves are the cause for their depressions usually. Their inability to relate to reality lands them into a mess. But the strong point of the Pisces gets them out of it pretty soon. This rapid change in behaviour puts other people in confusion. Pisces folks are considered to be the most complicated of all people, also because being the 12th sign, they share qualities of every other sign, giving them a gift of deep understanding. They sense every sign and emotion of the people around them which sometimes works negatively for them, as it results in other people feeling insecure of letting this piscean know them when they dont want to!
       Pisceans cannot see another person in grief. They understand others deeply but are usually the ones who are misunderstood by others. They are unable to express what they perceive!!!! But this gift of understanding makes them likable by everyone. A little show of care, love and protection, a few magical words assures their heart! Constant assurance always does the trick!

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  1. true!! I am also a piscean. And I read again again about pisceans because it gives me immense pleasure.