Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Music Creates Magic...!

      One of those days when i whisper to my heart- "ALL IS WELL....! EVEN THIS WILL PASS AWAY.....!!!" And the best way to come out of your sad state is music... Music has this amazing power which works on me each time... No, not sad songs... But songs by A.R.Rehman always end up stirring my soul. It makes me believe in life, love, magic and miracles all the more. Yes, i like believing that life is beautiful, that love is true, that there's always magic in the air and ya... that miracles happen!
      I like sprinkling my magical dust into my imagination n turn my reality into a dreamland. I love spendin time in here... where i hate no one n love all. When going gets tough in reality, i switch to my dreamland where i find solutions to all my problems. The problems dissolve into thin air here, n my worries are replaced by a renewed energy to find a way out of it.. It makes me wanna be kind.. to forgive and forget.. to repent over n correct my mistakes.. It makes me wanna be true.. makes me wanna be like an angel.. human is ignorant! But angels understand.. They are capable of creating wonders..!
      Here i feel no anger.. no jealousy.. no stress.. no strain.. but only joy.... pure eternal joy! A lil magic in life makes living a treat. It gives us a chance to see things differently.. in a better way.. in a magical way! :)
This song from GURU.. 'Ay hairathe zindagi' has touched the deepest chord of my heart today... This is how it translates... Never before observed the sweetness, the essence of this song....

dam dara dam dara, chashm chashme nam 
sun mere hum dum
hamesha ishq mein hi jeena

"Listen, my soulmate
always live in love"

ay hairathe aashiqui jagaa math
pairon se zameen zameen lagaa math

"oh wonderous love, don't ever wake up
don't let your feet touch the ground"

kyon urdu faarsi bolthe ho
das kehthe ho do tolthe ho 

jhooton ke shehenshah bolo na 

"why do you talk urdu and farsi
you say ten when you mean two
you king of liars, don't talk!"

kabhi jhaankhon meri aankhen
sunaaye ek daastaan jo honton se kholona

"look into my eyes sometimes
they tell a story which cannot be put into words"

do char maheen se lamhon mein
umron ke hisaab bhi hothe hain 

"sometimes, in a few months
a lifetime can be gauged"

jinhen dekha nahin kal tak kahin bhi
ab kok mein woh chahre bothe hain 

"one who has never been seen before
is now forming a face in my womb"

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