Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Big Change!

     How i wish everyday was a fairytale!!! Wishing i was cinderella and my fairy came over with her magic wand.... n WHOOSH! all my wishes come true...! That would make life soooo much more magical wit a real touch of magic to it! But i guess, everything never happens your way. It takes its own sweet time... n ya.. when it really does... The effect is nothing less than a feeling of a true miracle! I guess miracles happen only when you are willing n patient enough to let it happen to you in its own pace. It's sooo irritating when you know how to set things right, but somehow it doesnt work out. Happens to everyone, to each their own!

      Wondering how people react to THE big change in life. Change is inevitable, yet brings along with it sooo many mixed emotions. Happiness to some, excitement to yet another, and sorrow follows too! The same situation when seen from different views is all so complicated! Everything is about how we react to the situation. I repeat, not everything happens your way! So fret, worry, stress yourself out... cry over what u feel is wrong... but then, 'Get Over It' coz life moves on. See the positive side and welcome the change with a smile. Do remember everything happens for a reason and yes... EVEN THIS WILL PASS AWAY! Here's wishing for order in chaos!

P.S. Miracles do happen!


  1. patience, one word that could rule our path to destiny. yes, right efforts most often would yield fruits only after the test of patience is passed. and long, very long these tests can be.

    order in chaos. loved it.

    And Pranita,
    addressing such issues while writing, many people just stress on "get over it." and the reader feels ever so devastated. that doesn't help, because many find it hard not to brood, fret over the past..

    now you said "So fret, worry, stress yourself out... cry over what u feel is wrong... but then, 'Get Over It' coz life moves on"
    which while consoling the reader, also tells them, in a tender way, to stop and "start anew" (waves? yes.) or wait.

    intense writing, again. :)

    1. Thank you again Jayanth...

      M surprised at how minutely you introspect each post! Very impressive! :)