Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soul sister - My secrets lie within her, not me.

She sat, telling stories about me and herself to her friends. My lil sister. My soul sister. She went gaga with all the tales that have been told, and retold. Her face was excited, animated, happy. I love it when she does that. I love it when we tell our stories. I love it when she stops and i jump in to continue the story. It's like our unsaid understanding. We never learnt story telling. But these are stories that we will always tell with the same zeal, the same fondness! Touchwood. 

We are getting older, but the stories never do. We like to remember 'em each and every time we meet. People meet up over a cup of coffee and biscuits. But when we get together, reminiscence and laughter are laid on the table, with a dish full of sweet memories.

We share nothing in common.. absolutely nothing. It amazes us how two people who are vice versa can have the closest strongest bond ever. But that always strengthened our belief that ours is a perfect example of the 'Opposites Attract' law. That also makes us the best pair. We totally understand each other, know every likes, dislikes. We know the other's story of life by heart. The other's story is like a part and parcel of our own life.

How we decide what to buy for the other? If i like it, i don't buy it for her, cos she won't like it... and if i don't, then she will! LOL.. :D But we know each others choices more than we know our own. We have a set of similar but not same clothes which we lovvvve to wear together and click pictures. We maintain an album of our crazy moments and get super excited when there's scope for new entries!

The love we have for each other is something which i don't think even real sisters share. The frankness, the honesty, the sincerity, the worship.. it all comes naturally to us. We just know exactly what to tell the other at the right time, the right place. The 'Late night talk' is our most favorite activity. We talk and talk till we drop. Family members waking at night to have a glass of water always know where to find the whispers and giggles! Blabbering on till one of us falls asleep is a tradition. The only question to ask is who falls asleep first!

She's my little guardian angel, who is also my kid sister, my best friend, my confidant, the fashion guru, the counselor. She's an all in one bundle of pure joy and happiness, which God rolled into my life. The best of all, she's my best Secret-Keeper! We share our secrets, and when we do... we know we'll take it to the grave.

In her reality, my dreams play,
Her silly little smile makes my day.
For all my locks, she carries the master-key,
My secrets lie within her, not me.


  1. Wish I had a sister...there's only so much a sis n bro can share...

    1. M a single kid... it's my cousin sister... but better than any real one i bet! :)

  2. I loved those last lines.. beautifully written pranita. :)

  3. AWW! That poem is the gem of this post Pranita! How adorable :) Even I have a sweet cousin sister whom I cannot ,NEVER trade for the world!! It's really amazing when we have somebody in life who understands us more than us "simply telling" them our stuff. And what makes the relationship stand strong is we don't have anything in common yet we harbor and relish all those laughs and beautiful memories we lovingly share! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Jen...!

      Exactly my point..! Sisters are the best friends one can have.. share absolutely everything under the sun and she wont even judge! ;)