Friday, February 3, 2012

With an unsaid promise, is an unheard plea to the Universe.

Mistakes from the past have their own bitter way of crawling into the skin of the present. Times like these, you can say nothing. Not because you don't know what to say, but because you deserve it. Karma? I don't know. I often wonder why there is no Rule Book to live life peacefully. A definite set of steps leading to a perfectly happy life, like in school days. Then there was a secure bubble, inside which there was happiness, safety, sense of comfort, confidence, perfection, protection. There were rules, difficult then, but looks simple now. Following which made you a perfect student... a perfect child. But then we were always eager to break rules. And now that there are no rules, we are always in search of them.

There must exist a universal rule for happiness, which we give a blind eye to. Attachment is a b***h...! It gives you the experience of the extremes. Total happiness and drowning sorrows. I guess there is a way to eternal happiness, like the Yogis up in the Himalayas. They are not even attached to their own bodies! There is no fear of losing anything, there is no fear of losing anyone... nor lies the fear of death, cos they do not fear losing their own bodies either. Their life revolves around their soul i guess, the one which never dies. I can't even start to imagine the difficulties and hardships they must have gone through before achieving such a state of mind. But it must surely be worth the relief, the peace, the realisation.

Work is worship. There are no fruits without hard work. There is a lot to do in this life. Laziness is our biggest enemy. I am up to fight it. It's simple. You just have to force yourself into lifting your a*s up the chair everytime you need to get going, but don't...!

I certainly don't know much about what i am talking about. I just know that i know the right thing in my head, i am waiting for it to sink to my heart. Cos i think from my heart. And until my heart tells me it's ok, it doesn't reflect in my actions. I say when life gives a second chance, take it. I have taken mine, with all my wishes and prayers attached. With an unsaid promise, is an unheard plea to the Universe to make this work. 

"I'm holding your hand,
but you will never know.
No, not because i need you,
but because i promised to.
It's unsaid, it's unheard,
You will have no clue,
Because.... you don't have to!"


  1. A rule book to live life peacefully..please lend it to me if you ever find it :)

    1. Hey Ana, thanx for stopping by my blog...! :)

      As for finding the book, worser than the Herculian task i think... The search is on! :D

  2. This post gave me a glimpse to your soul - and it's beautiful!

    Keep writing, keep loving!

    A fan forever,

    1. Nilu,

      Hey.. thanx for stopping by n reading my post!
      Alwys a pleasure receiving loving feedbacks... thanx much! :)
      Keep reading... ;)

  3. So wonderfully mentioned!
    It amazes me how you tell the subtle truth of life in such a few words!

    -You get a second fan forever here :P

    1. Kinara,

      Thanx much :) M totally overjoyed... two fans in a post! Happy times for me... Enjoy reading...M glad u stopped by...! Cheers!

  4. A universal rule for happiness...hmm if only there was would be soo much easier...simply follow the rule book n be done...but i guess again we won't the difference between happy n sad if there were such things...gr8 post...hope u find an answer to your plea to the universe...

    1. I think there is one! V must b too ignorant to understand.. Sometimes the most complicated problems hav the most simple solutions.. But simple never appeals to us. But agn, yes.. without sadness, v wudn't know what happiness is..

  5. The post was short and simple.. Yet something mesmerising about it... The picture you chose reminded me so much of my short yet long walks in life so far... The 7 lines in the end where like the final nail... Piercing my thought process and hitting right where it should...! Sure now you wonder ... what’s this all about... "You will have no clue, because.... you don't have to!"... " I just stumbled upon something I never planned I will, It’s just a part of the journey, a long way before I climb the hill!"

    1. Thanks ya Vijay! One of the longest comments i ve receivd ever, i must say. Loved the lines u added to it... like it! Infact, these two lines mean a lot in context to where those 7 lines i wrote were leading!

      Cheers to life! :)