Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tag-a-thon... i got tagged! :D


Wow.. i didn't know about this tagging spree, but it caught me offguard this morning when i signed in, to find myself tagged by one of my closest fellow bloggers, Radhika Vunnam aka Rads, who has a super-interesting blog Rads Blog-a-Zine. She reminds me a lot of myself, and inspires me everytime i read her unique energetic posts. Well, the rules of this game are -

The Rules:

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

With rule#1 dealt with, here i go telling/bragging 11 things about me...

* I'm a sucker when it comes to dreaming/daydreaming and believing in fantasies/fairytales.
* I lovvvv food, but get bored of even my favorite item after i've eaten 3-4 bites/morsels. If given a chance, i would love to order a wide variety of dishes and have a little bit of each (and you can pay the bill ;-) )
* I'm a living example of a Piscean lady and have this unique intuition of finding other pisceans without knowing their birthday and usually i'm not wrong!
* I love my green eyes and i think they're the best physical feature i own.
* I'm a total believer of the LOA and the SECRET 'coz i ve seen it in action and i know i still will.
* I'm a soon-to-be IT engineer and i dream of doing something related to words/art. I'm yet to figure that out.(Any suggestions would be most welcome!) I like anything that deals with ART and COLOURS. I paint, sketch, craft, write poems and love experimenting in new ARTy stuff.
* I adore music, all kinds depending on my mood. But my favorites are the slow, peaceful, melodious ones with good meaning. There are some songs which i love 'coz of their lyrics and the others 'coz of the music.
* I like taking up challenges, both serious and fun ones and i don't rest before it's taken care of. I don't prefer losing.
* I have to find art or words in anything in order to enjoy it... I have recently been occupied by cooking, photography and blogging.
* It has always been my dream to be a Princess, though the meaning of the word has changed gradually as i grew up.
* M a total lover of citric fruits, favorites being Green grapes, any grapes and oranges! (Sour grapes are ok with me too!)


The 11 question by Rads...

1) What do you like about my blog, coz I know you follow it?
-> I love the fact that you are so enthusiastic to explore new different things and also share it so that it can benefit the others too. I absolutely adore the photos you upload. There's a lot of positivity radiating from your blog. A happy cheerful feeling!

2) What was the last romantic-comedy you saw?
-> Beauty and the Briefcase starring Hilary Duff... Cheesy movie, but loved the thought it ended with.

3) Do you dig photography, or abstract art, or both? Why?
-> I'm totally into photography and abstract art... Mainly 'cos there are no definite rules involved in these. It'd more of something pleasing your heart and you capturing it in reel or paint!

4) Do you believe in magic?
-> I totally believe in magic. The whole idea of my blog kinda revolves around this. I somehow get the magical feeling in everything i love and i'm associated with. Magic is not a bunch of tricks, but a beautiful feeling you cannot express in any form. It's just felt!

5) Do you think Lady GaGa is crazy?
-> I think she's super crazy... having said that lemme tell you i totally admire crazy people. These are the people who make a difference and bring out the change from the stereotypical life that people lead following the herd.

6) What's your favorite electronic gadget?
-> I do not own too many funky gadgets, though i would lovvv to.. and i'm not a tech-savvy person either. So.. i'll have to pass by saying my laptop and my phone are my best gadgets as of now.

7) Do you think Apple products are overrated or the most perfect examples of creative engineering ever?
-> These techy questions are reminding me to get more knowledge... gee! I'm an IT engineer who hasn't wandered out of her books! All i can say is i find the Apple products very sophisticated!

8) Who's your favorite author?
-> My favorite author would be Nicholas Sparks. He has a dash of magic in all his works. 

9) Your favorite blog/website, other than mine ofcourse :P
-> LOL.. well.. it would be.. Zebra Talk by Zeba Talkhani. Her blog inspired me to blog when i had stopped for a while.

10) Pastries or Cupcakes? Why?
-> Very difficult question. I'm not really choosy in this one. As i mentioned above, i get bored with an item once i ve had one or two bites. I would love to have a bite each from a pastry and a cupcake! ;-)

11) What are you listening to or have on your media player right now?
-> I'm listening to ALL MY DAYS by Alexi Murdoch right now on a loop!

Now, the 11 people i would want to tag are...

Vijay Shenoy 

(M going to bend the rules a little and tag one more person who was sooo interested in playing this game, that i couldn't help! So here goes... Saikat)

Alrightttttt! That's done! Phew! Now i have to frame my 11 questions... Ahem.. Here goes..

1. Which style would be your dream wedding? (If you're married, how would you like your wedding to be, if you got a chance to do it all over again!)

2. What is it about chocolates that drives people so crazy?(I don't like em!)

3. Do you think the world is really going to end this December?

4. What would be the one last thing you want to do if 2012 is indeed the dooms year?

5. What is one thing you like about my blog and two things that you don't?

6. What aspect of life do you think is unfair?

7. Which is the most romantic movie according to you?

8. What is your dream that you see yourself living someday?

9. What does your name mean? Given a chance would you change it? If yes, what would you change it to?

10. Do you believe that true love happens only one time?

11. Which of the above ten questions do you think is stupid and why?


I did not think this post would take me sooooo long when i started!!! M not done yet... there's still informing to do! Wish me luck on that... :-/ Toodles!


  1. Appreciate the mention. Thanks, Pranita.

  2. Interesting set of Questions :D

    Loved them! But is there any specific reason to chose no 11 ? why not 9 or 7 or 15? i hope it has got to do something. Silly mathematics!(LOLZ) 1 person is questionnaire and another person will give the answer. Woow! A little different way to salute those people who will always raise doubts and their voices regarding anything and everything and the other set of people who will always have the presence of mind to quench the never-ending thirst of the restless minds. The questions are their to read blogger's mind.

    Nice game ! I like to be in :)

    1. Hey Saikat... The eleven number!!! I hav no clue.. u ll hav to ask the person who started this game.. i hav no clue who it is either! ;-)

      M sooo sorry i could tag just 11 people...! But i think i can make an exception and tag u as well, for the interest u've shown! After all, its all about havin fun n getting to know our fellow bloggers better! So be it!

  3. Oops!! Tagging is fun as well means WORK..Haha :) 11 Questions to answer and 11 people to tag..quite a task at hand ;-) I shall try my best, your facts & questions were a good read :) Thanks for the tag..Lol

    1. Haha... thanx! I wonder who thought about this! :D Good luck with it.. Took me quite a while... Haha..

  4. Nice game! I'm on with it! :)

  5. Super duper Like this post n not just coz you praised me so much (well I do like that part too) ... All the 11 things about yourself, I feel like I already knew them :)...and as for a career in both art n words, you should try technical writing, I can say that coz I'm one too :) n I'm an electronics n comm engg....Beauty n the Briefcase is one of my fav films, I love rom-coms, I even have a post on this film on my blog :D and laptop is my fav gadget too coz without it a lot of my other gadgets are useless :D so its like a super gadget n the king of all gadgets :D and I'm not a gr8 fan of Apple products so I wanted to what others think.
    Thanks for patiently answering all my stupid questions...
    And you didn't brk rules by tagging one more coz Jen has already been tagged by the same blogger who tagged me :)

    1. Hehe... thanx Rads! :D This post was the most hectic n the most fun one to write... m so glad u saw the connection too... uncanny??? u agree??? :P

  6. Nice set of questions! Number 11 is funny :D ...and chocolate is so sweet and sweet things are amazing :P

    1. LOL... thanx! I'm a total exception... cos i hate sweets too! :D

  7. Replies
    1. Awww...... this is a lucky week.... seeing more similarities in us??? :P We getting the same awards at the same time, but frm different people!!! ;)

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