Sunday, March 4, 2012

Book review : Urban Shots - Crossroads

Book title : Urban Shots - Crossroads
Edited by : Ahmed Faiyaz
Publisher : Grey Oak Publishers in association with

I got to lay my hands on this book when i was delivered one as a part of a Book Review program. I applied for it after reading the following Overview of the book, that looked quite appealing, like a slice out from our not-so-daily lives.

Edited by bestselling author,  Ahmed Faiyaz, this anthology explores the conflict, chaos and confusion in the lives of interesting and colourful characters in Urban India. The reclusive kid with a beautiful bicycle; a migrant to Mumbai with Old Monk on his breath, trying to get off a Virar Fast at Borivali; the misunderstood watchman at the library who befriends a little girl; a playstation loving spoilt brat, who is smitten by his mathematics tutor; an old widower who longs for some intimacy with the opposite sex; a confused writer who has to choose between his wife and a seductress; the gargoyle who is the boss’s pet at a call centre; a mild-mannered doctor whose love for yoga puts him on breaking news; a project manager who hates handing out the pink slip; an emotionally scarred woman in the bazaars of Kamathipura; the baraat on a silent night in a one-horse town in Rajasthan; the neighbourhood didi with dark secrets of her own and a lot more….

I seem to be coming across this name - Ahmed Faiyaz, quite a lot these days. I have to admit i haven't heard about this author before, but after reading the book i realized he seems to be doing quite good in this industry. This book Urban Shots - Crossroads, is a compilation of 30 stories written by 26 different authors. I haven't heard of any of them till now. But i learned many of them are popular bloggers and some others, debutant writers.

Well, when i began the book, i was not very impressed with the stories. But as i read on, the whole urban life kinda opened up to me, and reality seeped in. These days when we are so caught up in reading books that give us what we want to read, this book came as a pleasant change. I'm sure most people can relate to atleast a story or two from in here. It is kinda the story of our lives, put together.

The characters are what you will find in your everyday life. Some stories fail to make an impact, while some absolutely stand out. My favorite being The Gap by Saritha Rao. The story Crossroads by Ahmed Faiyaz, the editor himself was something you come across in movies. But i realized this is how urban life really is! The book is a reality check. It shakes off all your presumptions about the happy poster people in huge comfortable mansions in the urban cities. Mindgames by Manisha Dhingra was an interesting read. Pity by Paritosh Uttam felt closest to common reality.

Over all, a good read. If you want entertainment and humor, i would not recommend this book. But if you want a reality check, and know that your problems are not the biggest and every family other than yours is not the happiest, then go for this book. All folks have a life, not less complicated than your own.

Cost : Rs.199
Pages : 217
My rating : 3 on 5

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  1. i have read ' Another chance ' by the same author . .he seems good . .will try this one out :)

    1. I ve heard of that... Would love to read it too! :)

  2. @Pranita - thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed the stories.
    @Maliny - Glad you liked Another Chance. Hope you enjoy Urban Shots Crossroads and my new book, Scammed

    1. My pleasure... And Congrats on the success of the book.. :)

  3. Hey Pranita..thanks for the lovely comment on my blog..i am trying to comment on your new post about adoption..but the comment form doesn't allow me to post is a great article ♥ truly touched my heart!!!

    1. Sharon, welcome to Miracles Happen! :)
      Thanks so much... M so glad you found it worth taking the trouble to comment on another post... ;)
      Thank u.. Cheers!

  4. Dear Pranita,
    Thanks for mentioning my story, The Gap in your review. I'm so glad it was your favourite in the collection. =)
    I've also added a link on my blog, to this review your blog. My blog address is

    1. My pleasure Saritha... A very deserving success :)
      Wishing u loadsa luck... Cheers!