Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Enjoy the bliss of peace... as long as it lasts!

Sometimes in the pandemonium that surrounds me, i abruptly switch into the mode where i hear nothing, feel nothing, say nothing. It's a welcome blankness which gives me the occasional void i very much need. Don't we all? Sometimes there are so many things we are dealing with, wouldn't we give anything to feel a total black out? No, not by the aid of alcohol or drugs, but naturally. 

But this feeling is not something i get when and where i want. It just creeps into me when i reach a saturation point, drains out all the thoughts from my head and leaves me exhausted. In those moments i feel my energy flow off gradually till i'm literally empty. It's an emptiness which is not sad, cos every emotion finds it way out of the system. All that's left is relief. The relief of not having to think or feel.

It doesn't last very long. But these are the times, that helps me gain a new perspective. These are the moments where we have to be really careful. When we are lucky to have an empty mind, it's upto us to fill it with fresh improved thoughts or the same old ones. It's a choice we have to make. It's a blessing in disguise. The rest of our days depends on the thoughts and things we choose to think, until we're lucky enough to receive yet another black out. So it's wise to sort the thoughts, filter the unwanted ones out, and choose only the positive, happy ones to get inside. 

During these instants there is no feeling of connection what-so-ever with anyone or anything, dead or alive. The only connection is with yourself. We are so busy all the time trying to connect to people, we end up totally out of synch with ourselves. Probably this is one of the reasons for these occasional solitudes. To feel connected with our inner consciousness. I realized that our need to have people to care about us is just an illusion we create. In reality, we are always alone. The illusion helps us get through a lot of things cos we tend to channel their energy into us. But again, it's just a phantasy. We get so caught up and attached, that we refuse to believe it's been us, on our own, all along!

We're human, and accepting and implementing these ideal facts are not a piece of cake. All we can do is remind ourselves now and then, so that it makes things easier. I got one of those drifting experiences today, out of nowhere, in the middle of nothing. When it passed out, i was left with a dead empty smile as i let go of more botherations. It ended with the acceptance of some bitter truths and happy hopes. It strangely didn't feel happy or sad, but just empty! Right now, i wish to shut out all the lights and sounds around me and enjoy the bliss of peace... as long as it lasts. 

Silence is for what i crave,
So I prayed in midst of the chaotic grave.
In answer, I found death lying on the pave,
But I had to be alive to be brave.


  1. Piece of peace :)
    beautiful message with beautiful snap :)
    i loved the 1st one very much...

    1. Thanks dude... Experimenting my ability in photography! :)

  2. Your post spells serenity.
    Love the pictures too!

    1. Hey... thanks a lot... m flattered! :)

  3. Hmm silence is bliss indeed, a moment to let go everything else around us and pause. Nice the play with contrast.

    1. Thank you Rads... :) Coming from an amazing photographer herslf, i feel elated..

  4. "it is sometimes said that each of us is ultimately alone.That idea is compelling not because of birth and death but because so often our moments alone seem more true, more real.The word "God" only begins to have meaning for me when i am alone.
    I can only believe when i am not talking about it."---by Hugh Prather

    i was reading this yesterday. after reading your post i thought that this can make a little sense to you too..
    nice read..

    1. Thank you for sharing the quote above... lovely... i agree with it completely..! It's the alone time where all the realizations take place... Thank you for stopping by... :)