Friday, March 9, 2012

The memories which someday i will tag as PRICELESS.

My renewed interest in blogging got myself a side-job as an Editor in
And here is my second post in this site, first as an editor... ;)

With just a little more than two months of college life left, before stepping into the corporate world, nostalgia is hitting me already. How i'll miss these college days! Sigh!

The usual hangout places, the spots where we have stood forever fooling around, the class-rooms, the canteen, the various food joints, the theatres, the roller-coaster rides on the city buses etc etc – yes, they will all be missed. Because these might not be significant landmarks, but these are the places that made the memories we’ll carry along with our baggage as we bid goodbye… to each other, and to the place which became our second home! The memories which will some day in future, transport us back to the land where magic once dwelled.


Read the full post right here -> The memories which someday you will tag as PRICELESS.

People will come, people will go… We came, and we’ll leave… we’ll never be the same again, while the globe in the fountain at Tiger Circle will still keep turning, probably with the hope that what goes around comes around, or in apt words – with a hope that those WHO go around will come back around! Amen.


  1. made me nostalgic...i'm in the same phase as u r...just about 3months for the college to end...
    Beautifully written...
    Cngrts for geting the post of editor...well deserved...:)

    1. Thank you sooo much buddy! :D

      I wish we could live in this phase forever... I wish nothing had to change... But at the end, it's all just wishful thinking. Sigh!

  2. nostalgia!!! It happens... its life:)
    But we guys are lucky enough to be in touch with our people wherever we are, such has the technology grown.
    I wish U have a great career ahead...


    1. True... Just wishful thinking...! Stagnant life is not a life!
      Thank u... :)

  3. :( today am reading plenty of nostalgic posts !
    phew,, whyyy this kolaveri JI :D :D
    haha !
    lovely adorable post
    obviously priceless :D

    1. Hehe... thank you Deepak! :D
      I guess lotso ppl in this college-passing-out phase now! hehe...

  4. Hey, congraaats :D
    Nostalgia! they way it fills you with so much you just cannot keep to yourself. Its a beautiful thing. Bittersweet :)

    1. Thank you :)

      Bitter, sweet,,, that's life i guess! A mixture of everything... Gotta live it n move on...

  5. Abs brilliant.. very very nostalgic.

  6. Concise precise and priceless very beautiful Pranita bhat!

    And congrats on the side job