Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jiggling to the animal beats they live!


Grown up clowns 
Jiggle to animal beats
Cracking up

Red white paint
Cover real emotions
Spread laughter

Behind story 
Unknown to the world
Concealed life

Look around and you'll find hundreds of stories supporting the fact that most people are never the way they seem. The happiest people might be hiding the biggest troubles and the saddest people might not really have a reason to be sad! You never know. Take the clowns of a circus for example. Their life is all about spreading smiles and cheer. Their job doesn't let them show a sad face in a happy act, does it?! 

This haiku is written for the picture prompt provided by the MAG.


  1. Nice!, I had the description in my mind before I actually read it, last haiku in particular!

  2. wow... relative and yet so true :) jobs require alot of commitment dont they!?

  3. I enjoyed your haiku, Pranita. Your words are very emotive and insightful. Thank you for sharing. "Jiggle to animal beats" is my favorite line, few writers would consider this. =D

    1. Thank you Linda... M glad u liked it! :)

  4. It somehow reminded me of Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan song.. don't know why..

    We're all clowns at some time in our life.. hiding our sadness and putting on a brave happy face. Part of our journey perhaps..