Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why do Indians always ‘almost’ win ???

We Indians boast of being knowledgeable and good in almost all the fields that can possibly exist under the sun. And it’s true. Still, why do we always end up ‘almost’ winning? It’s very common for us to find the following headlines in the newspapers -

Mr.ABC almost won the gold. 
Miss.XYZ almost won the pageant.
Mrs.LMN missed the spot very closely.

This article is originally written for the manipalblog.com. 

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Why do Indians always 'almost' win ???


  1. That's just because we are still evolving to be a great person who has all the qualities and can do anything, but we haven't reached that place yet but we don't aim to give up any time soon!
    Pretty nice thought though, will check the original post now :)

    1. Well.. it's nice to meet ppl who wont give up! :)