Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Review - Law Of Averages

Book title : Law Of Averages
Author : Kshitish Padhy
Published by : Paperclip Books

It is probably the dream of every person involved in the Comics industry to live the fantasy life they strive to write all their lives.They would probably go to any extent if they got a hint of the remotest possibility of experiencing it.

Same goes with Ritvik, the character around who this whole novel revolves. Smitten by Shubhangi, his love interest who is daughter to an eccentric man obsessed with hunting for treasures, Ritvik goes all hands and feet for winning her hand and pleasing his prospective father-in-law.

The law of Averages is according to me an average novel and a simple read. I personally would like to read a more refined version in terms of the choice of words and construction. I feel the sentences could have been crafted in a better way.

The creativity and the competition involved in the comic book industry was well brought into awareness by the author. The fact that e-books and memes and trolls seem to have taken up places of the simple comic stories that we have grown up with is alarming. The author succeeds in reminding us of those beautiful times back then when comic books were a craze. Collecting them and showing them off was one of the many obsessions people had towards it.

Anyway, the book is a light quick read with an unusual storyline, but the story telling could have been better. Not something i'll suggest for a fresh serious read, but ok for people who like to read light stuff.

About the author -

Kshitish Padhy is a scriptwriter, novelist and translator working on various genres like mythology,superhero fantasy, teen fiction and fiction for young adults.

Price : Rs.140
Pages : 248
My Rating : 2 on 5


  1. good review...i liked your take...

    i have also reviewed this book...you can have A LOOK