Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lead me to My Guru. Show me My Music!

There is so much love and music in this world. I've been listening to instrumentals by Yanni all day. And I feel like i'm in a trance now. Overdose of revisiting good music. Pieces like these make me realize the beauty of life. We have immersed ourselves in this fake world of joy. We are living an artificial life. Beautiful music, true love, peaceful nature - i wish this was what real world was made of. Give me a lifetime of these and i will not waste my precious time doing things i do not want, to get things i really do not want!

My soul yearns for a connection today. My heart seeks company. My mind is on a lookout for a sign. Something. Anything. I'm here by putting it out to the universe, my wish to find that way which i've been desperately searching for, waiting for. Show me the way to make my life meaningful. Help me rise above the mundane. Teach me to be strong in the phase of stagnancy. Lead me to MY GURU!

Oh world, i yearn for your rhythm
Tune me in to your warm wave,
Let your music fill my void
Chase the dark with your light!
For wherever you go
Bliss and beauty all rise!

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