Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Review - Spicy Bites of Biryani

Book title : Spicy Bites of Biryani
Author : Ashwina Garg
Published by : Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Today's generation has diversified views over the topic of marriage. Gone are the days when marriage was decided by the families alone. Today people need a lot more than just matching horoscopes. People do not just depend on stars for compatibility, but prefer to decide it for themselves.

The author has done justice to all the characters involved in this masaledaar novel. Aditi Patil, the modern day strong woman who is living her dream of being a writer, without giving in to the herd mentality and standing up to do what she believes in. Having experienced a bad marriage incident, she now has only flings with men and does not believe in the sacred bond of marriage anymore. But then enters the US return Telugu guy who changes the way she sees her future.

Sanjay Bolisetti comes back to India from the US to find a girl for himself to settle with. Having had a bad break up after a long term relationship, he has trust issues, which soon disappears as he falls in for the beautiful Aditi and her charming lifestyle, in spite of having to deal with her innumerable ex-boyfriends.

Mayank and Jayshree Arora, the perfect Punjabi-Tamiliam couple who are friends with Sanjay and Aditi have their own company they work in, day and night! Hence having trouble finding time to enjoy, apart from Mayank's conservative family always complaining about it. With Jayshree missing the life she had with Mayank in US, she thinks twice before giving in to her husband's wish to have a baby.

The dilemma a person faces today in deciding his/her life partner is so well portrayed by the author. The confusions messing up the minds of people with the pressure of families and the society is aptly described. Scattered throughout the novel is the chemistry between a happy couple, their disagreements, the hurdles they cross, their attempts to revive the lost passion in their marriage.The mental transformations of Sanjay and Aditi is very interesting and sends the readers a message as to how when the right person comes along, anything is possible.

Over all, a fine book with quite a few spicy bites, but not enough to have you craving for more. The biryani bites were pretty yummy, but the last bite could have been better so that people could recommend the restaurant to more people. A better ending by the author would have done more justice to the novel instead of the abrupt climax. The highlights are however the inclusion of issues that most 'about-to' and 'married-for-a-few-years' couples face in real life. The solutions and the maturity with which it is to be handled is beautifully expressed.

For a light entertaining read, i would say - Go For It...!
  About the author - 

Ashwina Garg lives in Hyderabad with her husband and two kids. She studied accountancy and has worked as an entrepreneur, a German translator and a technical writer.

Price : Rs.150
Pages : 225
My Rating : 3 on 5


  1. Needless to say out of the five books you reviewed i had reviewed 4 of them with the exception Once upon the tracks of Mumbai...
    and with you review with Spicy bites of biryani...i found it to be great review again...!!!

    here are my views on this book...

  2. Thanks Pranita. A very enjoyable review.

    1. The pleasure was mine Ashwina... All the best to you!