Saturday, February 16, 2013

Finding 'THE ONE' on Valentine's Day!!!

Not many girls in this world who will not look at another girl's super straight hair with a look of pure jealousy and awe! Possessing long healthy hair, with  beautiful shine and a smooth glossy texture is a recurring dream. Plenty of time, efforts and money goes into turning this dream into reality. But after all the pain taken, when there is no positive result, it's heart breaking! Enough collective tears have been shed by the woman-kind.

It was time someone came up with a working solution. A solution that would be affordable by the common people and which actually worked. I had personally lost hope. I wondered when the day will arrive when i'll finally lay my hands on a product that actually makes me happy, makes my hair happy. I was waiting for the day my hair would dance to the fresh tune of straightness!

Months passed, my hair was still the same, only worsening. It was dry and damaged. It was frizzy with no shine what-so-ever. I could detect no life in my mane. It was there just for the sake of it. Hair is for beauty, but slowly and gradually it was turning into an asset which was hampering the same. I envied the sight of a single straight strand on others.

Having moved into a new place and made new friends, i was keen on making a good impression on people, look-wise. Looks don't really matter, but you cannot deny the fact that it helps you build a lot of confidence. There was a party i was invited to at the end of the month. Everything was in place. The dress picked out, make up needed to go along with it, accessories... everything. But i had no clue how to manage my hair.

I always felt my hair spoiled the whole look i worked upon with so much detail. If only my hair behaved the way i expected it to and not be so stubborn. It had a mind of its own. I was scared to experiment with a lot of things, fearing the loss of the hair and texture i now possessed. With even that gone, i would be shattered! 

Asked a million people for advice and ended up with a gazillion remedies. How was i supposed to know which one worked for me! I had no clue. I kept my hunt on until i came across this ad for Sunsilk. It said - "Love Straight Baal?" .... in my mind i said "Hell yes!" .... "Lock karo! Rock karo!" it went on to tell how it helps you to keep your hair straight even after it dries. 

My attention had been successfully captured and now all that was left was to try this. I kept my hopes high, like i always did when i tried something new. I swear to God, finding your 'THE ONE' in real life looks much easier when compared to finding 'THE ONE' hair solution! It's Valentine's Day today as i write this, and if i have to say what i just said, i really must mean it.. with all my heart!!!

Anyway, that said i bought this Sunsilk product and started using it regularly. At first, i did not notice much of a change, but then it showed. Managing my hair wasn't a Herculean task anymore. I was in love with it again. I liked passing my fingers through it again. With good hair comes great confidence. I finally was able to have untangled hair, and i was now in a shape to try new hair cuts and hair styles. 

It did not look dead, it wasn't too dry. It did not turn magically into super nice hair. You cannot expect a total transformation from any product for that matter. But it did repair my mane and it did infuse new life into it. I went straight to the parlour to have a good hair cut that suited the occasion and when the day finally arrived, i was all decked up. All set to go out, leave my hair down and have a lot of fun.

Thanks to Sunsilk Perfect Straight, new friends made, few jokes cracked and lots of compliments pocketed! At the end of the day, my smile refused to leave my face as my head hit the pillow and i probably had the best sleep of my life.. still smiling! Sunsilk Perfect Straight has added the perfect factor to my otherwise normal days. Life ho toh aisi!!!! Cheers :)

This post is written for the Sunsilk Perfect Straight contest, hosted by Indiblogger.

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