Sunday, September 18, 2011

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight?!

    I think my all time favorite starter would be 'I was looking outta the window and....'! I seem to always get most of my thoughts in place when i look out of my 'fenetra' ( the new word i got from my sister, n m kinda loving the way this word sounds n it's been itching me ever since to use it... 'fenetra', 'fenetra'... ooooooh ;-) ).

    Looking outta the window with music seeping into my ears through the ear-phones is divine. I relish every note with such pleasure and happiness. Again, divine! It actually feels like the music is 'flowing' into my ears, the way water flows in a pipe in a garden..beautifully, slowly... gliding me into the state of mind which is beautiful, out of the world!

        There's darkness outside, and the view outside reveals a galaxy on earth. I can see the moon shining up above in all its glory, but the stars refuse to shine today. Jus one or two, here and there. But then i look down, and the lights from the valley flicker around. It's as if the stars have descended on earth and are having a lil dance party of their own. Oh so beautiful...!

       There's something about the moon. It's always there.. calm, quiet and serene. A mysterious glow surrounds it everytime i spend time gazing at it. It seems to want to give me a message. But i just cant figure out what. I think i can figure it out, but the problem is, one look at the moon and i'm lost... in its beauty! Have i ever seen something more beautiful? No.. Something more romantic? No.. Something more soothing? No.. Something more mysteious? No..

       There's definitely some magic in a moonlit night. Everything somehow looks very different and beautiful. A small pebble, a deserted well, a torn dupatta hanging from a tree, a broken mirror, a mended heart.... Everything gets associated with something divine and heavenly. I myself feel like an angel with a halo this moment. This is the magic of the moon.

       It's my dream to lie on the shore of the sea, on a full moon day with stars sparkling off in their full grandeur. The company of a loved one along, a dance in the moonlight. Awwww... Perfecto! There is no need for music. Dancing in the music of the waves, the wind and the silence! Wow... Far from reality, but it's ok to dream of experiencing a fantasy for real, once in a lifetime, innit? Miracles happen.... :-)


  1. Looks like between us, we are doing a lot of dreaming! Loved the feel to this post. And the title reminded me of my MOST favorite Oscar Wilde quote EVER. I have a feeling that you had this in mind when you typed down the title. :-)

    A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. -Oscar Wilde

    The second part always makes me smile. Makes me happy somehow.

    I like you dreamy writing. And the word. Fenetra. Spanish? I love the German word for Window.. Fenster. :-)

    P.S - I LOVE the moon.

  2. U got me right!!! :) :) :) That was exactly what was on my mind when i chose the title... i luvvv dat quote too :)its beautiful...

    Fenetra is French for window :D hehe... i jus seem to love the way this word sounds.. hehe.. Fenster is nice too ;)