Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am in SILENCE....!

    Silence is the best gift for the mankind. But we fail to notice the importance and beauty of it. Silence is beautiful and helps us notice a thousand things that we wouldn't have otherwise... both internally and externally.

    There are so many thoughts in our minds all the time. Most of the times, we are so impulsive that we act even before we think. And then regret the consequences. We say things which we shouln't say and do things which we shouldn't do. Silence is such a beautiful thing. Not being able to hear your own voice is very intimidating sometimes. Our outer voice seems to drown the inner voice all the time. But as our outer voice stops, the inner voice gets its volume. It begins to speak up!

    It's in this state that we realise our qualities, our mistakes. It's this  silence that will help us differentiate between right and wrong. Resisting the urge to blurt out something is very difficult. It's very very difficult to shut up. It's such a challenge. But controlling the urge to speak out immediately will bear fruits later as we realise that things turn out wonderfully bright, for an unuttered word is any day better than an unnecessarily spoken word. The words once spoken, the harm once done, the damage once occured, can never be undone!

    So it's always better to shut up and speak up at a later time. Impulsive actions are troublesome at times. A pinch of silence is necessary in everyone's life everyday. To stabilize our train of thoughts, to regain our focus, to calm our minds, to realise our follies and to relish our achievements. Regrets can last a lifetime, but a timely change of events can definitely save the world, you and me!



  1. Regrets can last a lifetime, but a timely change of events can definitely save the world, you and me!
    So darn well put. Absolute agreement.

  2. That was my favorite line wen i wrote it... M so glad u liked it too! Kinda feel the purpose of the post is fulfilled! LOL... :D