Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This one is for keeps cos i love him and he loves me!

      He came to me as a farewell gift from my aunt in class four when i was just leaving a familiar territory into an unfamiliar one. That's what happens to you if your dad works in a transferable job! Sigh! Anyway, i was all sad and miserable for having to leave back my school, my friends, my relatives, my soul-sister, my place! And just an hour before leaving, i get this gift which brings a smile on my sullen face.I am not allowed to open it immediately cos it's late. You can imagine what it is to have a wrapped gift in your hand and not be able to open it. More sobs! So my aunt decides to tell me what is in it. She tells me its a teddy bear! My my! The joy i felt cannot be explained in words. I couldn't wait to climb the bus and reach the destination just so that i could open it up. Hehe.. The wonders a teddy bear can do to you!

     Teddy bears.... Brings a smile on almost every girl's face, lil or grown up! These soft cuddly lil toys actually play such an important role in my life. I wouldn't call em toys. Nope! Cos teddies n me go way too far. I can proudly say i stil have my first ever teddy bear with me and all of those which followed. I love all of them so much, but there's always a favorite. ;-)

    The bus purred away, and i couldnt get my eyes off the box and finally dad laughs at me and tells me i can open it up if i cant wait until the morning. (Oh he knew i couldn't catch a single wink of sleep until i saw it :-P) Bless him! I tear open the wrappings, lo and behold...This box has a transparent side to it. And that's when i caught the first glimpse of what was going to accompany me for times to come, as my best friend.

    He(Yeah! I somehow felt it was a 'beary boy'.. I have no clue why!) looked back at me with those beautiful brown eyes. I had a sudden urge to kiss his pretty lil pink nose. He was a lemon-yellow furry lil bear with a green ribbon. Satisfied with what i saw i finally look out of the window into the cold dark night, breeze hitting my face. A thing of beauty is joy forever? So true... I stared out into nothingness and all of a sudden i wake up mom dad. There's an emergency situation!

    They look at me concerned, cos they know what i am going through with all the change happening. I tell them my emergency concern of the moment and they look at each other, burst out laughing. And i look back with disbelief and anger. Dont they understand...? I HAVE TO NAME MY NEW TEDDY BEAR! They try telling me that this christening ceremony can wait till we move into our new home. But i was deaf-ears. They slipped back into sleep while i put my thinking cap on! I had to name him and it had to end with an 'ee' sound.(I always had an inclination to name all my toys ending with an 'ee'.. pinky, dolly, beauty, baby, teddy, bunny...) Should i call him sweety? Yellowy? Yelly? Lemony?

    And then it came to me with a rush of excitement, and it felt soooo right! CUTIE... :) The name felt familiar already. Lil did i know how connected i was going to be to this name in the times to come. Being a single kid, Cutie has played innumerous roles in my life- my sibling, my secret-keeper, my huggy friend, my bedtime-pal and my best friend. It's old, faded and weak now. But this old wise fellow is for keeps cos i love him and he loves me. So that was it, content and relief swept over as i drifted to a happy sleep hugging on to my Cutie pie. I wasn't alone anymore!

Cutie is my teddy bear
Which is very fair.
He has yellow hair
And a small tail.
He has two eyes
Which look very nice.
He has white toes
And a pink nose.
He has two ears
Which very well hears.
He has a bow green
And he is very clean.
For me he is dearest
And for all he is cutest.

                                            -Written by fourth class Pranita! ;-)


  1. That was an amazing poem from the Fourth Class Pranita.. truly, that's so simple and innocent in expression that it radiates the same out, beautifully.

    kudos, fourth class Pranita.. ;)

    i guess, you can't thank me unless you either have the same teddy even now or the fourth class Praita in youu!! hmm? :P
    lol..hey, great one :)

    1. Hehe... Would t come as a surprise to u if i said i still sleep hugging the same teddy bear...? Even as i'm typing it's right next to me..!!! :) As i said.. This one is for keeps, cos i love him and he loves me!

      Thanks ya :)

  2. ha ha!! i missed you mentioning that you have the first teddy bear while scrolling down.. my bad!!!

    thank me!!! :P ha ha! i was re-reading it.. that excitement when you have a gift and something stops you from unwraping it..aah!!

    1. That's the peak of happiness... Not seeing the gift, but wondering is the best part! :D