Saturday, September 17, 2011

People... Are you thinking the same as me???

    Sometimes its nice to just look at people... random people... and wonder what they are thinking. I like to wonder whether somebody else around is doing the same thing. If i catch a person's eye, i cant help but ponder whether that person is doing the same thing that i am,  whether the person is trying to figure out what i am thinking, whether he/she 'knows' what i am thinking!

    Hmmm... no one can know. For sometime let's imagine a world where each of us could read each others thoughts. Would life be simpler..? Or more complex..? Some thoughts are best told, some best unsaid, and others.. well.. best unheard!

    I think there are three kinda people. First, those who do not help anyone. Second, those who help in need. Third, and the most important, those who teach people to help themselves. When it struck me, i immediately could place myself and the people i know in three columns in a jiffy!

    Frankly and sadly i place myself in the second category. I am more than willing to help most people but the help i provide temporarily brightens a person up. It wouldn't last long. Luckily i have some people in my life who belong to the third category. There is so much to learn from these people. Second category people are those who will pull us out of the mess again and again if needed. Third are those who will let us be messy and teach us to pull ourselves out once and for all!

    It's amazing how people function. None two alike. Everyone's so unique. Every person has a beautiful and an ugly side! It always has been my habit to look at only the beautiful side of a person. I sometimes feel, a little thought and i ll forgive even a murderer! I am curious whether there is any person i'll meet whom i'll hate to the core of my heart. Whether i'll meet someone whom i will not be able to forgive even if i wanted to. Would i ever? Hmmm... that i'll just have to wait and see... Musing!


  1. Pranita, I too love just watching people...esp. at busy places..airport and while having coffee in a Mall. And I can forgive..(after a long time) but I NEVER forget..

    great visiiting you again.

    1. Hey Kajal... M glad you visisted agn... I never get bored in public places even when m alone... I dont like socialising much, but i can go on for hours pondering and looking at people! ;)
      About forgiving and forgetting... i doubt it's a wise thing to do after all.. I do it.. but doesn't really treat you well.

  2. :) wonderful....
    As Kajal ji said, i love watching people as well, their faces will speak diff things...
    Honestly and frankly... i have never seen a person who thinks like me :( SOB SOB !
    Certainly it is an amazing way to function...

    1. Hey deepak...

      You never know who thinks like you, cos there's no way you can no what the other person is thinking! ;)

  3. Beautiful post Pranita.. I wish you never ever meet someone whom you would have to hate from the heart.. Life becomes only bitter then.. Frankly, I wish I had the attitude you so in terms of forgiving.. I strongly beleive that forgiving and forgetting should go hand in hand.. And since I fail to forget I conclude that I fail to forgive as well.. :)

    1. Thanks so much Haritha... I'm not sure forgiving and forgetting is the wise thing to do after all... I do it, but doesn't really treat back well!

      I do certainly hope i never have to hate somebody! Cheers! :)

  4. Nice way to express yourself !! I used to do the same thing and in addition to that i would explore more about myself... This is my first encounter on your website ..looks cool ..

    1. Hey Sheril.. thanks for stopping by!
      Soul searching is one of my favorite pastimes ;-)
      Do visit agn...

  5. forgiving sometimes becomes a bane for some. as an aftermath..
    especially women, who have it in them to forgive almost anything. even the blasphemies men dom this may sound harsh..but true.. i see it out right, im a teenager i know it from the inside of the cases... i sometimes kind of shrink back in fear for their happiness and lives, these women, that many people who are forgiven in such circumstances don't change. for no good..

    while at the same time, this trait of women has made me proud of them and has made me respect each one of you people.. :)

    but forgiveness to such extents..oh might hurt others sometimes, Pranita..

    See Priyanka Gandhi, she said Nandini should be forgiven, that is so very kind of her.. but what of all those ones, out there, who loved Rajiv gandhi, who couldn;t gulp down the truth..

    and yes, eventually, its ones choice.. forgiving is never bad. just that someone worth not taking hurt, gets hurt in ones forgivness..

    i guess you havent read this take of mine for the prompt "forgive", read it please,
    you would have something to say, definitely.

    link :

    1. I read it... amazing post... very thought provoking..! Forgiveness always comes with a hope for a better change in the other... A very emotional person like me is melted even if the other person doesn't say anything. The need to make the other person's life better looks more important than own agony.

      This sometimes does good to both, and yet other times does bad to both! It's a confusing decision to be weighed very delicately..!!! Others might be involved... but if you consider every soul caught in the web, you'll always end up hurting one person or the other, cos every situation usually has people having all diffrnt views! It's nt possible to keep up with everyone's views and still have your own!