Monday, September 12, 2011

Mom-Dad...Sometimes they wont let you win! Read to know...

I just came across this lady, Priya Kumar... The following is a part of her Dedication of her book 'License to Live'. She reminded me how much my parents have done for me. Read on. Beautifully written. If i had writing talents enough, probably this is how i would express it, maybe better!

"When people look at me in admiration, what they miss to see are the two pairs of hands that worked  tirelessly in shaping who I am today. When people reciprocate the warmth that I have in my heart, what they miss seeing are the two hearts that forgot their own heartache to mend mine. Every time when people see a glimpse of greatness in all I do, what they miss to see are the endless hours of work and sleepless nights that my parents went through in keeping my world safe as I grew. I live in a beautiful world because of the beauty my parents built within me. I am sane in the chaos around me because my parents very subtly nurtured values and integrity in me that have made me the success that I am. My parents gave me the best that they had and nothing less. When I look back on all those years and even today in the present, I see two parents still working at their now grown up baby, doing the best they can to make sure I have a great life,  and I do."

                                                                                            -Priya Kumar

Can we ever love back our parents enough...?!... Ever...?! I dont think so. This is one field in which our parents will never let us win. They will always be a step ahead, or maybe sometimes a step behind to push us forward. But they will always love us a little bit more, Always! My aim in life is now to defeat them in love by loving them more... L win..? L lose...? I donno... but i will LOVE!

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