Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ring my bells.........

      There's something about the sound of the bell in this temple. It's a beautiful treat to the ear as it resonates all over the empty place. The silence experienced in here is bliss. I sit, i close my eyes 'cos i want to meditate. But whoooosh! All thoughts come jumping in from different directions. Who knew sooo many directions existed at all! They pop in uninvited, without prior notice. One by one, the whole place is crowded with noisy thoughts making it impossible to enjoy the calm, the peace of the surroundings.

    Then someone rings the bell... and zap! All thoughts get lost in a second and my mind is as empty as the temple is. I am aware of the moment i am in. And it feels beautiful. I can hear the bird cooing now, i can hear the squirrel squeaking its heart out, i can hear the winds as they struggle in through the temple bars, the rustling of the leaves to the drops falling out one by one outta the pipe just outside.

    I decide to use a focus point of the present and choose to use the sound of the water drops. Every time i hear a drop i get my mind back to the present. It's difficult. After a while all the thoughts that were pushed out try sneaking in! Another drop, n i push them out further. After some time, its not so difficult anymore. It's like a game. Now it's a competition between my present and my 'past+future'! I definitely want to be a winner in my future but i have learnt not to ruin my present for a time which no one can see.. not yet atleast! What if tomorrow never comes. Then would you like dying a loser?! So to be a winner now, i start with this silly lil competition and swear to win it at any cost. N trust me though it sounds silly, i think it's one of the most difficult game to play.

    The 'uninvited' bad thoughts are really good at what they do. Practice makes a man perfect? Well.. these cruel creatures are the best at what they do.But i will try my best to not let 'em choose me to be a prey anymore... uh huh! 'Cos now i have someone else to practice on me for. My present. I want my present moments to practice stayin on me as long as they can without crossing the boundaries! Another fun game??? ;-)

    With all these scheming happening inside my mind, there's another bell that chimes and i open my eyes. I see the time. It's been a good half an hour!!! One of my longest...(yes.. m not a pro! Not yet!) Feeling as refreshed as ever, i walk over to the sanctum sanctorum. Bow to the Almighty, surrender my disturbed thoughts to Him for keeping them away from me till i am strong enough to shoo them away myself!!!!!

    Eat, Pray, Love??? I seem to be doing it in the reverse today... Love, Pray.... EAT??? My stomach growls and it angrily reminds me that food for thought doesn't qualify as food for a hungry tummy! :-P Noodles! Oops... i mean....Toodles! ;-)


  1. yes, the sound of bells sends shrills that are pleasant to hear, not like the shrills of school bell. ;)

    meditation helps a lot.. and my longest has been 10mins i guess..

    1. my longest is 3 hours! :) love the feeling...