Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Someday, I'll have a rainbow in my eyes...


     Colors...! They make me sooo happy! I sit at my table and i cant take my eyes off my wall. There are times when i just love to stare at it forever. I have these sticky colorful notes all over with my favorite quotes. They always seem to speak to me.

    There are times when a troubled mind finds no peace. I look outta my window, praying God to help me out. To send me a rainbow. I look in and my eyes automatically search the colors on my wall, and there's always ONE particular quote that seems to scream out at me. And the more i look at it, the more relaxed and focussed i get. I get my solutions and my mind is untroubled. Right, positive, cheerful quotes on colorful papers always do the trick for me.

    Sometimes without a reason, i like to look around and read all of those to myself. And other times, unintentionally, my subconscious mind seems to be taking it all in. So i recommend its a fun way to be positive and happy. Ofcourse, the real strength lies in your mind. But if something helps, then why not... right?! Geez! Call me a color freak, but I'm proud of the bedsheet my bed sports most of the time. I could play 'Color color, what color do you choose' and win every game without moving out of my bed!

    I've always had this soft spot for stationeries. Anything, any kind. It just fascinates me.There's not a time when i go out to buy something, and i haven't had the urge to buy one of every kind, every shape and every color! I dream of having one big collection in my home someday where i could just go and look at it when i feel so. I wouldn't mind not using them all my life. Just looking at them- all brand-new, unopened, colorful, shiny, neatly stacked- gives me such pleasure! Gets a lil smile on my face and a sparkle in my eyes. I feel like how a 3 year old might feel in Disneyland.(Bdw I'm 21, and i still dream of visiting Disneyland someday!)

    Someday, I'll have it all.... Someday, I'll have every color in my life.....Someday, I'll have my perfect beautiful rainbow in my eyes... Someday, i'll have successfully gone through every shade this life has to offer for me....Someday, I'll sit and stare at it all....And then I'll go back to this day and play a lil 'Color-color' game... Me with myself... Present with the past.... And i hope with all the colors in my heart that the future 'Present' comes out as the winner. Amen.


  1. color freak! :P

    i could feel the intensity of your love for colors, seriously. may all colors be yours one day, as you wish them to be.

    a 3 year old might not know where to go first, upon entering the disney land. lol.. coz everything around would be all that she loves and dreamed about. she would be in a fix as to where she should go first. :D

    but go as a 21, we believe we would be quite matured to take that decision now. i believe not..even at 21, we would stand in awe, for such beauties.

    great inspire readers, surely.. by showing us the way you see and live life, we are sure to be inspired.

    thank you, Pranita.

    1. Dude... you're really making this a one long thanks giving day for me aren't u??? A new comment keeps popping up!!! N no, m nt complaining.. m loving it! ;)

      I can never get enough of colors! Ur comment is long enough to be a post on ur blog! LOL.. shows ur love for writing! Words just flow.. dont they? ;)

      Thank u soooo much agn Jayanth... If i could help one teenie bit to help others live their lives, along with living my own.. i would be really a happy soul! Cheers!

    2. long day? its only 1 and half past midnight here. :P

    3. Oh... so r u hinting that ur just getting started? ;) I dont mind... hehe

    4. have got a good blog full of beautiful and inspiring writings, so i would definitely be wired to it.

      your blog times show 12 and half hour lag, is that a bug?
      Or do you live somewhere, between which and IST is 12h 30min gap.?

    5. I'm super happy you appreciate my thoughts! :)

      No buddy! M totally in India..! It's a bug which i ve been trying to fix for a long time now!

    6. i got a doubt now, thanks to the bug.. can there be a time gap of more than 12 hours between two places anywhere in the world?

    7. Ofcourse there can be... and there is! Google it out... M going to hit the sack now.. It was a gr8 time interacting with u Jayanth... take care.. and keep blogging! :)

    8. nice talking to you too..
      keep blogging and happy haiku april.

      take care.
      good night. :)